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08/20/19 10:02 AM #1676    

Mary Ann Simanek (Villarreal)

Sorry will no be able to make this months luncheon. 

08/22/19 08:07 AM #1677    

Martha Glantz (Farmer)

Sixteen of us met for lunch at an obviously popular place this month, Barelas Cafe.  Seated in a T-formation In a separate room encouraged easy conversation for Sandy Stewart Smallwood, Steve Brooks, Mike and Ruth Wartell, Susie Strong Neuschwanger, George and Tooey Boyden, Marcy McVay Cates, Don Rood, Gloria Ruiz Santana and her daughter, Susan Thompson, Sandy Bryan, John Criswell and Connie Welty . Chicharorrones (fried pork rind) as an appetizer and in burritos was a welcomed and unique feature on the menu for some.  

As a group, we have decided to change lunch dates to the 2nd Monday of each month.  In so doing, we can see Betty and Susan’s smiling faces again.  Betty could and would drive the 325 miles on any other Monday, so plan now, girl!  Neal, we hope to see you as well.  (His new vehicle, housed safely in his garage, was damaged when a car suddenly backed in through the closed door! Whaaa...?! Now that’s a story we want to hear!)

Others we missed were MaryAnn, Helen, Sue, and Walter.  Once fall arrives, more of us may choose to lunch!  

On another note, Steve Brooks, who told us about an impending surgery,  is sporting a large bandage on his face, but says he is doing well.  Yay!

08/25/19 06:58 AM #1678    


Rhonda Beauchamp (Blech)

Band update: Ms. G has increased the size of the band to 90 along with a small color guard. Frosty and I were the only two there but we offered donuts to supporters who came from the neighborhood. Next year we hope to be joined by members of the class of '52. The marchathon raised $4000!

09/03/19 11:56 AM #1679    

Martha Glantz (Farmer)

“Are you ready?” the game show hosts shout. So, are you? Next week we will have our LUNCH in a different quarter of town...the far northeast.  We have reserved space at Farina Alto Pizzeria and Wine Bar, 10721 Montgomery Blvd. NE at 1:00, Monday, Sept. 9.  It is just west of Juan Tabo on the north side of the street.  Their motto is “where fresh food finds good company”, so appropriate for us in reverse!  They serve “modern and classic Italian food, beer and wine in a warm and refined atmosphere.”  The menu sports artisan pizzas, lovely salads, and heavier entrees for those with a hearty midday appetite.  Please RSVP here or to me so I can give them a count next Monday morning.  Fino ad allora! (Until then!)



09/03/19 12:14 PM #1680    


Betty Myers (Schaefer)

I will be there!!  :)  And I will check with Susan.  She enjoys our lunches.

09/03/19 01:39 PM #1681    


Merl Schafer

We enjoy great company and good food so Kati and I will be there.

09/03/19 03:25 PM #1682    

Gloria Ruiz (Santana)

Greetings Martha, I will be there and will bring my Jolene with me. See you Monday. 

09/03/19 07:51 PM #1683    

Steven Brooks (Brooks)

Sound good i will be there looking for fun

09/04/19 10:22 AM #1684    

Susan Suknot

Sorry,, still recovering from knee replacement.  Takes a long time. Hope to be able to attend in October.

09/04/19 10:46 AM #1685    

Jack Dettweiler

Unfortunately, I have a lunch meeting with my Banker. I scheduled it so it would not conflict with the HHS luincheon on the 3rd Monday.

09/04/19 11:11 AM #1686    


Rhonda Beauchamp (Blech)

Frosty and I will be there

09/04/19 01:37 PM #1687    

Mary Ann Simanek (Villarreal)

Sorry will be in the middle of renovations here 😒

09/04/19 06:54 PM #1688    

Susan Thompson


I am planning to be there. See you all then. 



09/05/19 09:16 PM #1689    

Helen Stambaugh (Williams)

Sorry, won't see you until October.  Signed up for the AARP Safe Driver course....

09/06/19 01:05 PM #1690    


John Criswell

I'll be there as well as Connie Pecha Welty.

Taking the AARP driver safety course on line you get to log in and take at your own convience. It's comprehensive and quite good. Gets you 3 years of insurance rate "discounts".

09/07/19 01:48 PM #1691    


Walter Huebner

Am planning to be at the lunch on Monday.smiley

09/07/19 08:35 PM #1692    


Neal Kloepfer

I plan on being at the luncheon.

09/08/19 10:37 AM #1693    

George Boyden

Plan to be there, George

09/08/19 05:58 PM #1694    

Sandy Stewart (Smallwood)

Sorry, I won 't be able to make it.  I am having a procedure done'  Have fun.

09/08/19 10:45 PM #1695    

Gloria Ruiz (Santana)

Sorry guess I won’t be able to make it, need to go to a doctors appointment with my daughter. See you next time. Enjoy!

09/19/19 02:23 PM #1696    

Martha Glantz (Farmer)

Luncheon News:  Robyn and I often would often exclaim at the camaraderie we experience with people in our class...whom we didn’t know!!  Jim Henson described it well—“There’s not a word yet for old friends who’ve just met.”  These old friends mixed it up at Farina Alto and lingered after the meal:  Susie Strong Neuschwanger, Sandy Bryan, Steve Brooks, George Boyden, Rhonda Beauchamp Blech and husband Frosty, Susan Thompson, Bonnie Kruger Kelly, Mike and Ruth Wartell, Walt Huebner, Marcy McVay Cates, Neal Kloepfer, John Criswell, Connie Welty and our long distance travelers Betty Myers Schaefer and sister Susan Puckett, as well as Merl and Kati Schafer.   I hope we see more new faces next month including those who are recovering from surgery, appointments, and vacations!  Speaking of next month, here is your notice: Oct.14 (2nd Monday), 1:00 at Canteen Brewhouse at 2381 Aztec Rd NE, 87107.  It is north of Candelaria and west of Vassar.  I am hoping the weather will be NM gorgeous, so we can eat outside because November may not prove to be as hospitable.  Bring a friend with you if you like...we don’t check for HHS ID!  RSVP here or to me by that Monday. 

09/20/19 06:20 AM #1697    

Mary Ann Simanek (Villarreal)

I will be on a cruise to Canada. See everyone in Nov.  Enjoy

09/20/19 07:07 AM #1698    

Steven Brooks (Brooks)

I will be there

09/20/19 11:38 AM #1699    

Susan Suknot

Will be there in for October lunch.

09/20/19 12:31 PM #1700    

Helen Stambaugh (Williams)

I'll be there.

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