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03/01/20 02:02 PM #1855    

Linda Gaines (Fisher)

Rhonda,  Bruges Belgium might meet your needs.  It's a lovely small town on canals that's very quiet and picturesque.  I loved it!   Linda Fisher

03/01/20 06:12 PM #1856    


Saralou Burnett (Lagier)

Hi Rhonda.. 

I agree with Linda about Bruge, Belgium although I always feel cold there.. 

... One of my fav cities  Is Salamanca, Spain... Not near water, however...  Or anywhere in Northern Spain for a quiet time How about San Sabastian ... very interesting with great tapas in every storefront... 

Sara Burnett Lagier



03/05/20 08:34 AM #1857    

Susan Thompson

I will be at the lunch on Monday.  See you then. 

03/05/20 11:55 AM #1858    


Betty Myers (Schaefer)

Susan and I will be there especially since she is one of the 4 initial S birthday's this month  .......Susan Susan, Sandra, and Steve.  Any more we don't know about?  Looking forward to seeing everyone.  Have you looked at your calendar lately, Jack?  

03/05/20 05:48 PM #1859    

Rick Gutzmann

I will be there plus one maybe!

03/06/20 12:05 PM #1860    


John Criswell

John, Lela, and Connie will be there.

03/06/20 02:29 PM #1861    

Kathi Paton (Murray)

Virginia Hendley and I will be there

03/07/20 08:30 PM #1862    


Walter Huebner

I am planning to attend the lunch at BJ's on Monday.

03/08/20 02:30 PM #1863    

Don Bill Rood

Don Rood will be able to come this month.

03/17/20 12:47 PM #1864    

Martha Glantz (Farmer)

BJ's Restaurant hosted 26 of us just a week ago.  How glad I am that we could gather before the virus restrictions were put in place!  Several conversations included whether to continue with current travel plans.  I haven't heard any updates.  Once again we were a lively group. John Criswell's sister joined us a second time, but will be headed back to Maryland soon.  Rick Gutzmann brought his wife Corene.  Virginia Downing Hendley earned her Regular Attenders badge by coming twice in a row.

Folks, I am going to make a unilateral decision about next month's lunch.  I am CANCELLING THE APRIL LUNCHEON.  And it's Marcy's and my month!  Since we are in the target zone, let's lay low so we will be healthy and eager to reconvene possibly in May, but with our sights on Sept. 26, our Birthday Bash. I leave you with a hearty elbow bump and a smile.  May we all stay well, and for those who are in process, may you gain healthy ground.

03/18/20 02:28 PM #1865    

Pam Richardson (Williams)

 Well, I so agree. My husband Ron and I were on the Grand Princess,  so we are really laying low for a while. 

03/18/20 07:19 PM #1866    

Helen Stambaugh (Williams)

Good thinking.   Who would have thought that things would come to this!  Anyway, all stay safe & we'll get together as soon as possible.  Take care.

03/25/20 02:28 PM #1867    

Donald Cooper

I was saddened to hear of the passing of Don Reinhart. I gave him a ride to school most days senior year. I always enjoyed our conversations. Steve certainly said it right. What a great guy. Rest In Peace. Everyone else stay safe.

03/25/20 03:42 PM #1868    


Mary Jane Johnson (Casimir)

I was very sad to learn about Don Reinhart.  He was a good friend for many years and fun to be with.  I know that he had recently had a book published and that was the last email I received from him.  He will be missed.

I thought I would pass this on to you all - The last I heard from him was 2015 email that stated:  My time right now is devoted to preparing my book for launch for August or September. It is titled The Invitation but that title will most likely be changed as I get closer to launch. It has taken me three years to complete the book and all the edits. The marketing is the hardest and I'll need a lot of help from the Divine and friends. The book is one of two, I am currently in the process of outlining the next book. The subject of the book is about a new and revolutionary way to heal people who are in a bad spot. It is about miracles and the incredible power and love that walks with us every day and how we can tap into this force

Mary Jane (Johnson) Casimir  

03/26/20 08:33 AM #1869    

Lane (Aka Lanny) Leckman

I was very sorry to hear about Don. He was a great guy though I have not seen him since when??

My 87 year old cousin died of a stroke a month ago and while I was with him I thought to myself "this could happen to you."  So when I read about Don's death due to stroke it hit home.  Lane Leckman



03/26/20 12:39 PM #1870    


Merl Schafer

Any news on Don's obituary and does anyone know the title of his book? Great guy! I think we are all in the zone now. Kati and I are enjoying self quarantine. ;(

03/26/20 12:55 PM #1871    


Merl Schafer

Public Service Announcement:
8pm is now the official time to take off your day pajamas and put on your night pajamas.

03/26/20 03:06 PM #1872    

Janice Percival (Zimmerman)

Hi Merl,

The title of Don's book is Mind Blink.  He wrote another one called Unmasking Your Dreams, which is sold as Kindle on Amazon.

I read on Don's Facebook page that he had passed but wasn't able to verify it.  Some of his family are in Albuquerque and are his friends on FB.

Janice Percival Zimmerman


03/26/20 03:27 PM #1873    


Steve Komadina

Looked for Don's book on amazon and nothing popped up.  

I looked for Don Reinhart.  Did he use another name?

03/26/20 03:29 PM #1874    

Martha Glantz (Farmer)

Neal has some information that he will share soon about Don's passing.  How nice to be collecting other bits of his life from those who have stayed connected or have memories!

03/26/20 04:03 PM #1875    

Mary Moldenauer (Mortimer)

I too was so saddened to learn of Don's passing. He was such a kind classmate and had a very infectious smile. The type of "Infection" we all need right now. Everyone stay safe and healthy.

03/26/20 05:07 PM #1876    

Janice Percival (Zimmerman)

I found Don's books on Amazon under both Don Reinhart and Don Reinhart Jr.  He used Don Reinhart Jr. for his books.

03/26/20 06:24 PM #1877    


Steve Komadina

Both of his books are there under Don Reinhart Jr.

The description of them is fascinating on Amazon and I bought both for my kindal.  99cents for one and 2.99 for the other.  Can not wait to get home tonight and start reading.  

03/27/20 10:28 AM #1878    

Sandy Stewart (Smallwood)

I was so saddened to hear about Don Reinhart's passing.  He was a great friend.  He will surely be missed.

03/27/20 12:59 PM #1879    

Kenneth Bledsoe

Don always had time to stop and talk to you in the halls of HHS.     

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