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07/14/18 11:15 AM #1392    

George Boyden

I will be able to join you at Bruno’s also

George Boyden

07/15/18 04:49 PM #1393    

Jim Bob Payne

If you still have room, I would like to attend the lunch at Bruno's.

Jim Bob


07/16/18 11:02 AM #1394    

Robyn (Jane) Cholerton

Looking forward to seeing everyone at lunch in a couple of hours -- El Bruno's Restaurante y Cantina, 8806 4th, NW, at 1 PM. 

Including Jim Bob and people who have been in contact off this website, I count 25 of us!


07/18/18 09:07 AM #1395    

Robyn (Jane) Cholerton

From time to time, I hear that other Highland alum classes don't do things the way that we do.  Hm.  I think that we came through and graduated from high school feeling that our class was exceptional, but I'm not sure that we envisioned a lively alumni scene, this far down the road.  

I'm deeply appreciative of, and grateful to, all of those who have worked through the years to organize our six reunions, and our recent 70th birthday celebration.  I won't list names for fear of leaving out someone, but I know we wouldn't be where we are today, as a group, without the contributions you've made.  

And I really want to thank Neal Kloepfer for establishing this website and maintaining it for us.  I see that the first post to this Message Forum was in July 2011.  That's given us seven years to check up on and check in with classmates we've been seeing all along, as well as those we've lost touch with.  Neal, your ongoing efforts to locate us all and bring us onto the website have been vital!  Things would certainly be different if we were still limited to postal mail and phone calls!  

Getting together for lunch would certainly be a lot different, if not for the website!  At the July birthday lunch were Susie Strong Neuschwanger, Neal Kloepfer, Jim Bob Payne, Betty Myers Schaefer, Susan Myers Puckett, Mike and Ruth Wartell, Walt Huebner, Marty Glantz Farmer, John Criswell, Connie Welty (Jim Pecha's sister), George and Tooey Boyden, Marcy McVay Cates, Helen Stambaugh Williams, Cheryl Fossum Graham, Mary Ann Simanek Villarreal, Sandy Stewart Smallwood, Steve Brooks, Cliff Blaugrund, Sandy Bryan and me.  Walt Huebner was the designated July birthday celebrant, and I'm glad that he could be there.  I particularly enjoyed chatting with Connie (HHS '61), and I want to thank John Criswell for bringing her!  

Preliminary planning for a September birthday lunch excursion via Railrunner to Santa Fe gave me an excuse to check in with everyone present.  According to that informal poll, nearly everyone present is interested.  Cheryl Fossum Graham has volunteered to be our Santa Fe key person, and I'm sure she would welcome suggestions so that she can make the best possible decisions.  

And I know that Betty Myers Schaefer was encouraging everyone to make it to the Wild West Music Festival, at the end of this month, and I do hope that many of us decide to go.  More about that, to come.  

I would say that we have once again proved to be exceptional, just by showing up and enjoying ourselves over a meal.  (I recommend Hazel's green chile stew, and the lunch special menu offered good choices to many.)  Let's do this again!  

07/23/18 03:14 PM #1396    


Betty Myers (Schaefer)



The headliner bands of Wood and Wire and Karl Shiflett & Big Country Show will join 8 other bands for a jammed-pack, foot-stomping 16th Annual Edgewood Music & Arts Festival at Wildlife West Nature Park on Saturday, July 28th. Don’t miss this phenomenal high energy music Festival that also includes musicians’ workshops with the headliner bands, local and regional artists and activities for kids. Plus wildlife viewing, hayrides, specialty craft beer by local Sierra Blanca Brewing Company, and free camping and parking. All performances are held on 2 stages in a covered all-weather amphitheater and historic pinto bean barn with plenty of seating and shade.

The Festival starts on Friday night, July 27th at 6:00 p.m. with a special free-flight Peregrine Falcon show presented by world-renowned falconer Tom Smylie. Experience these magnificent birds close up and learn how the fastest raptor on earth survives in the wild. Then a delicious Cowboy Chuckwagon barbecue is served at 7:00 p.m. followed by the all-girl band of The Merlettes. The five sassy, up-to-date honky-tonk ladies are fronted by vocalist Kristian Jacobsen on rhythm and lap steel guitar with mandolin and fiddle leads.

“This year’s Festival with 10 bands brings a large variety of music for everyone’s tastes” explained Roger Alink, Executive Director of Wildlife West. “And all ages love to kick-up their heels on our newly expanded dance floor near the stage, he continued. The progressive bluegrass foursome of Wood & Wire from Austin, Texas, the Music Capital of the World, bring their own unique hybrid style. Karl Shiflett & Big Country Show band keeps the spirit of the past alive with their ‘Old School’ delivery of vintage bluegrass and classic country music. They bring the best of the past to the present with an energized fusion of bluegrass, western swing, honky-tonk and classic country music that is delivered in a fast-paced, high energy stage show. "Wildlife West is the best outdoor music venue in the state," described Bob Gray, a member of The Hot Club of Santa Fe, who has performed all over the country. Plus temperatures are much cooler in the East Mountains so remember to bring a jacket.

A variety of tasty food will be available throughout the Festival. Moriarty’s Sierra Blanca Brewery will serve a variety of beers made in a traditional non-mechanized way both at the Chuckwagon and on Saturday. Local artists will display their artistic creations and an amazing juggler for the kids. Throughout the weekend, visitors can stroll around the wildlife zoo and get eye to eye with two young cougars, 4 adorable tree climbing grey foxes, wolves and other native wildlife..

For Friday night Cowboy Chuckwagon reservations are required by 2 p.m. the day of show by calling Wildlife West at 505-281-7655 or toll free 877-981-9453, or purchase on online at for $27/adults, $25/seniors, $12/children 5-11 years of age and children under 4 years are free. Purchase Music Festival advance tickets for $25 online at or $30 at the gate, children 11 and younger are free. Combo tickets for Friday and Saturday are $45 online or $55 at the gate. See the website for a complete list of performers and times.

Don’t miss this incredible line-up of musicians and local artists in a beautiful high desert setting that is just 25 minutes east of Albuquerque off Interstate-40 in Edgewood. The Festival is produced by Southwest Pickers and is made possible in part by the New Mexico Arts, a division of the Department of Cultural Affairs.


"Wildlife Park purpose is to help rescued animals that can never live in the wild again due to human interaction.  These special creatures live here at the Park in safety and comfort, but they can no longer be truly free.  They will always need our help, support and love."

07/23/18 03:20 PM #1397    


Betty Myers (Schaefer)

Several HHS class of 63 members went to the festival 2 years ago and had a good time eating and listening to some good music.  It is not all bluegrass but usually a variety of like music.  One year they had a Cajun band and a cowboy solo singer.  We went with Merle and Kati Schaefer to the Wickenburg Bluegrass festival last November and the Wood and Wire band was great.  

We have a group started for this festival but we would like to see more of you joining us.  We plan on meeting at the Four Hills Smith's by Tramway and Lomas.  Join us for a good foot tapping time.  We haven't set a time yet to meet but will when we know more who all is going.  We are going as a group on Saturday only.  


07/26/18 01:50 PM #1398    

Robyn (Jane) Cholerton

Thanks, Betty, for posting the information!  I was one of those who went two years ago, and certainly agree that it was a fun event.  I have too many schedule conflicts to make it this year, but I hope that many others of us will go.  (And, tell us about it afterward!)  

Have a great time, Betty and others! 


08/06/18 08:40 AM #1399    

Robyn (Jane) Cholerton

August Birthday Lunch:  
Monday, August 13, 1 PM
Place to be announced soon

Last August, we had several birthday celebrants at the table.  I hope they'll all be able to join us, and will speak up to let us know they'll be there!  


08/07/18 07:51 AM #1400    

Robyn (Jane) Cholerton

Okay!  Details are falling into place for the August  birthday lunch -- Monday, August 13 at 1 PM, at O'Niell's Pub, 3301 Juan Tabo Blvd NE.  

Restaurant suggestions are always welcome from any classmates, birthday celebrants or not.  We do like to vary our choices each month, both in geography and menu.  Our increasing numbers have become an ever-more-important consideration.  (Some of my own favorite places just can't handle such a big group.)  Me, I'm glad that we're able to find suitable places that are locally owned, rather than chain franchises.  

The company around the table has never failed to be superb!  It is important to let us know that you plan to come, so that there will be enough chairs at the table.  

Looking forward! 


08/07/18 10:06 AM #1401    

Jack Dettweiler

Got it on my calendar.

08/07/18 10:44 AM #1402    


Betty Myers (Schaefer)

I will be in town so I will be there but you already knew that.  smiley  I am putting in an RSVP for Yvonne Maher also.  We haven't seen Yvonne since the 50th reunion!



08/07/18 12:09 PM #1403    

Sandy Stewart (Smallwood)

I will be there - Aug. lunch

08/07/18 12:12 PM #1404    

Kathi Paton (Murray)

Tracy and I will be in Washington State on Monday.  Hope to see everyone in September!  Kathi

08/07/18 12:51 PM #1405    

Steve Brooks

I will be there looking for a good time

08/07/18 04:22 PM #1406    

Helen Stambaugh (Williams)

I will be there.  

08/07/18 05:06 PM #1407    

Jerry Goffe

I plan on being at O'Niell's on Monday

08/07/18 05:41 PM #1408    


Betty Myers (Schaefer)

I heard from Cheryl Fossum and she is going to try and make it Monday.


08/07/18 09:15 PM #1409    


Neal Kloepfer

Sorry, I can't make this luncheon. Have guests in town.

08/08/18 10:59 AM #1410    


John Criswell

I will be there along with Connie Pecha Welty attending for a second time.

08/11/18 05:07 PM #1411    


Walter Huebner

Robyn - Thanks for the invite, but I will not be able to make Monday's lunch this month.

08/12/18 06:53 AM #1412    


Rhonda Beauchamp (Blech)

I'll be there.

08/12/18 10:25 AM #1413    

Robyn (Jane) Cholerton

Thanks to everyone who has checked in, event the "regrets" -- we will miss you! 

Any others? 

Looking forward to tomorrow -- and a reminder, we'll meet at 1 PM at the O'Niell's Pub at 3301 Juan Tabo Blvd NE. 


08/12/18 12:05 PM #1414    

Marcia "Marcy" McVay (Cates)

I'll be there.

08/14/18 08:30 PM #1415    

Donald Cooper

My wife and I were deeply saddened to hear of the passing of Jim Spencer. He was a good friend during high school at Highland and at UNM after his return from Vietnam. I will always have fond memories of fishing with him in the Rio Grande Box canyon at Taos, hunting turkeys with him in the Gila Wilderness, college parties, and other adventures. He caught some huge trout out of McAllister Lake. He was with me the night I met my wife Joyce in 1965 for which I have always remained grateful.

He was always very vibrant, high spirited, full of life, and always fun to be around.

Our deepest sympathies to Jan, Allen, John Spencer, and the rest of his family.

08/17/18 06:35 AM #1416    

Robyn (Jane) Cholerton

Yet another fun birthday lunch on Monday, including Betty Myers Schaefer, Susan Myers Puckett (HHS 59), Yvonne Maher, Sandy Stewart Smallwood, Steve Brooks, Helen Stambaugh Williams, Jerry Goffe, Cheryl Fossum Graham, John Criswell, Connie Pecha Welty (HHS 61), Hank (LCHS 63) and Anna Nusbaum, Rhonda Beauchamp Blech, Marcy McVay Cates, Sandy Bryan, Susie Strong Neuschwanger, Mary Ann Simanek Villarreal, Marty Glantz Farmer, and me.  The (covered) patio at O'Niell's on Juan Tabo is pleasant (uninvited winged guests notwithstanding), and it does seem to be a good idea to move around from month to month.  Suggestions for new places to meet and eat are always welcome, although we're not the easiest group to accommodate.  

Pictures were taken, and I hope they'll be posted here!

Several other events are coming up that may be of interest to us -- or so I hope.  Rhonda Beauchamp Blech has a friend visiting who will be giving a concert on this Sunday, the 19th, and I hope Rhonda will give us more information.  I've heard about her, and think this will definitely be interesting!  

And the Highland band's annual March-a-Thon is coming up on the morning of Saturday, the 25th, in the neighborhood that many of us will recognize.  I'll post the information soon, but go ahead and mark your calendars, and put aside a few bucks to donate!  

Cheryl Fossum Graham is tightening up details for a special version of our birthday lunch in September, and I'm certainly looking forward to it!  The plan is that we'll take the Railrunner to Santa Fe (free for seniors through September!) and have lunch nearby.  She'll have a suggestion or so for spending time after, although we could certainly choose our own, or even get right back on the train for the return trip.  I suppose that some could choose to drive up to meet us instead, but if you haven't tried out the Railrunner, you should know that it's a treat!  Details to follow!  

And then I came home to see the news of the passing of Jim Spencer, which certainly added a somber note to the afternoon.  Thanks to Donald Cooper for his tribute. 

I'm always glad to catch up with the "usual suspects", and it's great to welcome a new-to-the-gathering face.  What a great group we've turned out to be!  


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