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08/02/20 10:02 AM #1963    


Betty Myers (Schaefer)

I agree with Mary Ann about the eulogy for Rosie that it is a very apt picture of her.  I remember her as a vivacious happy girl and that is how I will keep her in my thoughts.  Rest in peace, Rosie, 

08/13/20 05:17 PM #1964    


Karen White

Thank you, Kathy for an excellent eulogy for Rosie.  I remember Rosie well from Bandelier and Wilson Jr. High.  She was a class favorite in Mr. Allen's sixth grade--a fun and delightful person.  May her family find comfort knowing that others care.

08/14/20 07:03 PM #1965    

Kathi Paton (Murray)


Thank you for the kind words about the Euology to Rosie. She was such a great friend for so many years, and I miss her so much.

Would you be able to share the photos of Rosie?  If you are willing to give them up, perhaps you could send them to me, or her husband Jim.  I would give them to Jim and their son David.

Thanks again, Kathi Paton Murray

08/14/20 09:48 PM #1966    


Karen White

Hi Kathi, Rosie was in my 5th grade and 6th grade classes.  I emailed Neal a copy of our 5th grade class picture taken by Leslie Bell's father.  Lots of HHS folks in it.  I posted a few old time photos from Wilson Jr High in my profile but I will check my photo album for more.  

08/15/20 10:48 AM #1967    

Martha Glantz (Farmer)

Kathi, from reading your fond tribute to Rosie, I wish I had known her.  My appreciation for that time of our lives continues to grow.  I hope your memories bring a smile to replace her absence in your life.

08/18/20 08:58 AM #1968    

Kathi Paton (Murray)


Thank you for messaging me about my tribute to Rosie.  As you can tell she was a dear friend.  I will also let her husband and son know you wrote.  It means a lot to them when someone is moved by the obituary.

Kathi Paton Murray

08/19/20 01:25 PM #1969    

Mary Moldenauer (Mortimer)

I just wanted to say that you did a wonderful job Kathi when you shared with all of us who Rosie is. I cannot use the past tense just yet because it is to hard to fathom. I pray that the family has peace and support from those around them and I know that it includes you. I grieve your loss of a very dear friend.

Mary (Moldenauer) Mortimer

08/19/20 01:28 PM #1970    

Mary Moldenauer (Mortimer)

I didn't know Nancy Bridges when she was at Highland but we both moved to Taos at just about the same time. We sang together in the Taos Chorus and had many conversations at Phoenix Mechanical and it did not include my plumbing or hers :-) She was an angel.

Mary (Moldenauer) Mortimer

08/21/20 10:11 AM #1971    

Kathi Paton (Murray)


Thank you for posting a message about Rosie.  She was indeed special, and I think about her every day.

Kathi Paton Murray

08/24/20 09:27 AM #1972    

George Boyden

Please add me to the list if we end up zooming or whatever , thank you.

Keep our fingers crossed and every other method possible to eliminate the ongoing health risks, including not only the current virus, but smoking, obesity, murders.......   After all, we are in the high risk category !

‘Keep On  “ Truckin” just like ‘ 63           George





09/10/20 05:46 PM #1973    

Martha Glantz (Farmer)

Dear fellow classmates,

We have prolonged making a decision about our scheduled 75th birthday party, hoping as you have, that state health restrictions would be removed.  But, it doesn't look promising.  So, with great reluctance, we are cancelling the upcoming birthday reunion at the Albuquerque Country Club on Sept. 26.  We are NOT, however, cancelling our hope for a date in the future.  Let's stay connected until that time.  We would love to hear from those of you who will set that as a goal.  Until then, live this 75th year fully so we can share life stories when we reconvene! ~Neal, Helen, Betty, Marty, Jack 


09/11/20 02:54 PM #1974    

Susan Thompson

I'm so sorry we have to cancel our Birthday Party. Hope we can reschedule soon. Also miss our lunch get togethers. Hope you are all well. Stay safe. 

09/20/20 07:28 AM #1975    

Rhonda Beauchamp (Blech)

Business teacher Bill Manire has died. He was a colleague of my father-in-law Arnie Blech but lived 45 years longer than Arnie though they were of a similar age.
I look forward to a time when we can resume in person lunches. In the meantime, stay well.

09/21/20 04:38 PM #1976    

Sandra Stewart (Smallwood)

So sorry to hear about Mr. Manire.  He was one of my favorite teachers.  I had him for both Shorthand I & II and would often run into him as he was coming into the Winrock Shopping Mall.

09/26/20 12:31 PM #1977    


Merl Schafer

Sooooo sorry! We missed our HHS 75th birthday party tonight. It was something I was really looking forward to. But have you heard? 76 is the new 75. Can we do it next year? I hope so, gives us something to look forward to.

Merl & Kati

09/26/20 02:28 PM #1978    


Betty Myers (Schaefer)

Missed you also, Merl and Kati and I agree about looking forward to it next year sometime instead.  This won't last forever just seems like it.  I am ready for our monthly lunches too but in the meantime, I would like to participate in a class Zoom meeting again.  Everyone stay safe and healthy,  


10/11/20 04:04 PM #1979    

Bill Wilson

Thanks to those who sent me a birthday message.  Wat a great graduating class we have.  Bill Wilson

12/14/20 04:47 PM #1980    

Kathi Paton (Murray)

HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO EVERYONE!   I am looking forward to 2021 and hopefully to our next "birthday"  Stay safe.

01/09/21 09:41 AM #1981    


Steve Komadina

I have really missed the posts on our website.  I am praying every one is well and that we have not lost any classmates to COVID.  Be safe and happy New Year to all.  

01/09/21 06:23 PM #1982    


Betty Myers (Schaefer)

I had been thinking about sending a similar message, Steve.  Missing hearing from our classmates on here and have been worrying about everyone staying safe and healthy.  Maybe we can have another zoom class meeting again for the new year?

01/10/21 10:36 AM #1983    

Kathi Paton (Murray)

Tracy and I are doing fine.  Tracy does the grocery shopping since I have a compromised immune system.  I am in touch with Virginia Dowing Hendly, and she is doing fine also. We are spending a lot of time looking in the refrigerator and our desire for chocolate is skyhigh!

01/10/21 12:25 PM #1984    

George Boyden


wOver the holidays a couple of my non-classmate friends have passed from cancers & one from COVID unfortunately.....

We really miss the lunches and hope to get together soon --

Seems all we can do to stay active is get outdoors with our masks, distance, and limited family / friends....We feel compromised to walk into the bank with a mask on ! ! ! ?

Note: only allowed 1 person on ski lift except family !

The "zooms" are a  plus, but not the same : ok for book clubs !

Wish everyone luck & the best, Tooey & George

01/10/21 01:20 PM #1985    

Steve Stevens

Everything is good in my nexk of the woods.  No health problems at this time (other than what goes with being not so young anymore).  Limited to travel so, remodeled the enclosed back porch and getting ready to attack the bathroom.  Our nurse daughter (RN @ Pres. Hosp.) just got vaccinated friday -- she's hanging in there with her job.  Hoping all others are doing well and finding something to stay busy with.

01/10/21 07:07 PM #1986    


Walter Huebner

The big news on this end is I got my first Covid vaccine shot yesterday.  Now that we are all in the 75+ group, we qualify through the NM Department of Health.  Register if you haven't, and want the shot.

01/12/21 06:39 PM #1987    


Karen White

Got my first vaccine this morning at the Cardinal Stadium.  Not as much fun as a football game but a welcomed experience.  Feeling fine.

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