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11/28/18 11:40 AM #1491    

George Boyden

We look forward to celebration of December classmates’ birthdays at lunch get together !

Congratulations all,

George & Tooey Boyden


11/28/18 12:43 PM #1492    


Betty Myers (Schaefer)

I plan on being there with bells on and a Ho Ho Ho.  

11/30/18 07:03 PM #1493    

Kathi Paton (Murray)

Tracy and I will be there!

12/01/18 09:37 AM #1494    


Walter Huebner

I am planning to be at Monday's lunch.

12/02/18 03:20 PM #1495    


Neal Kloepfer

I should be able to make it.

12/05/18 01:44 PM #1496    


Cheryl Fossum (Graham)

I missed seeing everyone at the December luncheon. I hope everyone is doing well.  Several lunches ago I brought a photo of Mrs. Phillips' second grade class at Whittier ES. It was fun trying to identify everyone, but we missed a lot. So if you are on this photo or can fill in the blanks. Please help me out.  I can guess at a few more, but more fun if you help me confirm.

Top Row: Mrs Phillips, ?, ?, Jay Ortiz, Nikki Shearin, ?,? , John Jacques, ?,?,?

Middle Row: ?, Cheryl Fossum, ?,?,?, Barbara Bunch, Steve Brooks, ?, Bill Wilson,?,?, Gwen Sawyer, ?

Bottom Row: Buzz Lenander, ?, Jeff Romero, ?, Sylvia Bernal, Russell Fogleman, ?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?


12/05/18 03:58 PM #1497    

Martha Glantz (Farmer)

Cheryl, I was not there, but I wonder if the girl 2 to the left of your teacher is Kathy Hayes.

12/07/18 06:02 AM #1498    

Jay Ortiz


I don't have that photo any longer - but at our Fiftieth Ellen Coyne Harvey gave me a copy of a photo of our sixth grade class that, if I remember correctly, Nancy Olson had asked her to share with me. That was, in my memory, a remarkable group and a very special year with a genuinely gifted teacher. It's a lot of fun, as we become seriously old, to remember what we all looked like, back then. Unfortunately, I'm still too computer illiterate to know how to upload a copy to the class website - if anyone is interested and can give me some "luddite-level" instructions, I'd love to share it.


12/07/18 10:12 AM #1499    

Robyn (Jane) Cholerton

Jay, quite a few of us still have copies of that sixth-grade picture.  Now that Cheryl has opened the floodgates, I'll bet someone will upload it here.  Could even be me, when things get a little less hectic. 


12/07/18 11:24 PM #1500    


Neal Kloepfer

Marty, Kathy Hayes was in Mrs. Baker's 6th grade class at Bandelier.

12/08/18 01:42 PM #1501    

Martha Glantz (Farmer)

Good to know. Whoever that child was, her smile reminded me of Kathy. :-)

12/16/18 08:27 AM #1502    

Robyn (Jane) Cholerton

I had a great time at the December birthday celebration lunch, on Monday the 3rd!  Also enjoying the occasion were Susie Strong Neuschwanger, Marty Glantz Farmer, Jerry Goffe, Mike and Ruth Wartell, Rhonda Beauchamp Blech and Frosty, Susan Myers Puckett, Sandy Stewart Smallwood, Helen Stambaugh Williams, John Criswell, Hank and Anna Nusbaum, Marcy McVay Cates, Sandy Bryan, Neal Kloepfer, George and Tooey Boyden, Walt Huebner, Betty Myers Schaefer, and Steve Brooks,

As the designated birthday celebrant, Rhonda chose Cocina Azul.  There was a bit of a rocky start, but I was pleased that all was resolved with such speed and grace -- many thanks to Steve for being the advance scout, and smoothing the way for the rest of us.  The (back) room in which we were seated was one of the most pleasant in which we've lunched, I thought -- sunlit, airy, and quiet.  There was plenty of light to read the menu, and the acoustics allowed conversation to be easily heard.  These things become increasingly important, over time.  

I'm sure I missed most of the gossip around the table, although it was certainly lively where I was sitting.  Several classmates have travel plans during the holiday period, and Jerry has had a couple of great raptor excursions lately.  (I hope we get to go along on another of those sometime.)  

I'll be consulting with Susie and Neal about a date and place for January.  

Have a safe and happy holiday season!  



12/30/18 11:47 PM #1503    

Robyn (Jane) Cholerton

January Birthday Lunch!  

It's almost 2019, almost January, and time for another celebratory get-together.  

Monday, January 7, 2019
1 PM
El Bruno Restaurant Y Cantina;
8806 4th St NW

Please let us know, yea or nay!  

I hope that everyone has had a happy holiday season -- and that you'll have a safe welcoming of the new calendar year!  


12/31/18 03:52 PM #1504    

Helen Stambaugh (Williams)

yes, I will be there























































12/31/18 05:22 PM #1505    

Steve Brooks

Happy new year every body i will be at tbe lunch

12/31/18 06:52 PM #1506    

Mary Ann Simanek (Villarreal)

7Looking forward to seeing everyone in the New Year. See ya’ll on the 7th 😀

12/31/18 07:35 PM #1507    

Martha Glantz (Farmer)

Good food, good company! I will be there, too!

01/01/19 09:38 AM #1508    


Betty Myers (Schaefer)

I plan on being there if I don't get bogged in by muddy roads.  I am sure that I will find a way by then. 

01/01/19 12:18 PM #1509    

Marcia "Marcy" McVay (Cates)

I'll be there.

01/03/19 11:02 AM #1510    

Jack Dettweiler

I have it on my calendar, but that's no guarantee.

01/03/19 09:54 PM #1511    

George Boyden

Tooey and I plan to attend lunch,

We hope all have had safe and fun holidays !

The shortage of snow this last 5 to 6 years stoked an element of

surprise over New Years.   I guess our politicians have stored of replaced

all the snow removal equipment ( due to global warming ?) with the bus system

on Central that does not have any working vehicles either.................. ????

We were able to get many of the family on the great NM snow, skiing at Taos !



01/04/19 06:55 PM #1512    


Walter Huebner

Sorry, I will miss the January lunch.

01/05/19 10:41 AM #1513    

Mary Ann Simanek (Villarreal)

I have a delivery that was scheduled for me on the 7th. Since it requires a signature I may not be able to attend.  So with that I am a maybe.  

01/05/19 01:12 PM #1514    

Carol Glavey (Fort)

Curtis & Carol (Glavey) Fort plan to be there as well as Sister Jewel!  We're looking forward to seeing everyone!!!

01/06/19 02:19 PM #1515    


John Criswell

I plan ti be there. Chile cravings.

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