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10/11/18 11:51 AM #1455    

Martha Glantz (Farmer)

Count me in.

10/11/18 02:25 PM #1456    

Jerry Goffe

Sorry but I'm scheduled to be in Canyon de Chelly that fine October day. Enjoy!

10/12/18 04:23 PM #1457    

Karla Irwin (Cates)

I plan to be there. 

10/15/18 11:14 AM #1458    

Kathi Paton (Murray)

Tracy and I and Virginia Hendley will be there!

10/16/18 08:21 AM #1459    

Robyn (Jane) Cholerton

October Birthday Celebration Lunch
Monday, October 22, 1 PM
Papa Felipe’s Mexican Restaurant
9800 Menaul Blvd NE

I'm looking forward to seeing everyone who has spoken up to say they'll be there, and will miss those who have sent their regrets -- and I'm sure I'm not alone in that!  Please remember that we're delighted about those last-minute surprise appearances, but if you don't let us know that you're coming, there may not be a chair for you.  

Likewise, if you know someone(s) who, in your opinion, would enjoy being with us for lunch, please bring them into the loop.  



10/16/18 12:52 PM #1460    

Helen Stambaugh (Williams)

I'll be there on Monday.


10/16/18 04:32 PM #1461    


Neal Kloepfer

I plan on being there.

10/16/18 09:36 PM #1462    

George Boyden

  I am past due for a good enchilada or two, after a couple of weeks testing German and Polish dishes.   

The Salt Mines out do Carlsbad Caverns , but not by much .  

Happy Birthday to all this month including my sweetheart of 52 years ..........

Look forward to seeing everyone on Monday —


10/17/18 08:17 AM #1463    

Robyn (Jane) Cholerton

Here's a bit of non-lunch-related news, and some additional information:  

This Friday night will be Highland's Homecoming football game, with the usual festivities.  Tailgaiting begins at 4:30 PM; game kickoff will be at 7:00 PM.  The location is Milne Stadium, still in the same place.  Alumni are especially encouraged to turn out and support our old school and the team!  

Needless to say, the Highland Marching Band will be there and putting on a great halftime show, prior to their Pageant of Bands competition on Saturday! 

The rest comes to me from a theoretically-reliable source:  Netflix is expected to be filming "atmosphere" material of the crowd in the stands, and of the game, in the course of the evening.  They are apparently working on a new series, to be set in a California school, whose team is called "the Hornets", so Friday evening's filming will take advantage of this opportunity to use our team and game.  Anyone who wants to bring and display a sign saying something like "Go, Hornets!" will be welcome, but there should be no mention of Highland on signs.  

That's what I'm hearing.  If you're looking for something to do on Friday night, this could be just the (inexpensive) ticket!  (I do understand that at least one other prominent event will be taking place, that evening.) 


10/19/18 04:00 PM #1464    


Walter Huebner

I am planning to be at the 22 October lunch.

10/21/18 03:51 PM #1465    


Rhonda Beauchamp (Blech)

The Highland band took first in their division at Saturday's Pageant of Bands. They also were awarded best brass, best color guard, best drum major, best woodwinds and the people's choice award. Congratulations
Ms G!

10/21/18 03:54 PM #1466    


Rhonda Beauchamp (Blech)

On October 6 the Albuquerque Journal ran a lovely article about the Highland soccer team. Who knew Highland had more international students than any other high school in the city!

11/04/18 09:22 PM #1467    

Robyn (Jane) Cholerton

Yes, there was an October birthday celebration lunch!  Yvonne Maher, John Criswell, Cheryl Fossum Graham, Walt Huebner, Sandy Stewart Smallwood, Karla Irwin Cates, Steve Brooks, Martha Glantz Farmer, Helen Stambaugh Williams, Neal Kloepfer, Marcy McVay Cates, Betty Myers Schaefer, Susan Myers Puckett, George Boyden, Tooey Lanning Boyden, Susie Strong Neuschwanger, Virginia Downing Hendley, Sandy Bryan, Kathi Paton Murray, Tracy Murray and I were there!  

We shared the meal at Papa Felipe's and, as far as I know, felt well-treated and well-fed.  The chef appeared after we ate, to check on our enjoyment, and to apologize to the one classmate whose order was not served as ordered.  Note to us all, thanks to Tooey:  their senior menu is available upon request -- portions are smaller, and the cost is lower, which we may appreciate.  And, in this group, no need to feel shy about taking advantage of this perk!  

As George said elsewhere, the more we cross paths the better.  Speaking for myself, one of my greatest pleasures at these luncheons is conversation with the people sitting next to me, or across the table.  Another is taking the opportunity to walk around the table, touching base with those sitting farther away.  Whether these are people I've known well, or very little at all, it's great -- I thank you all!  

We'll do this again, on Monday, November 12 -- details to follow soon. 


11/07/18 10:11 AM #1468    

Robyn (Jane) Cholerton

November Birthday Celebration Lunch!  

Monday, November 12, 1 PM (that's coming up quickly)
Quarter Celtic Brewpub
1100 San Mateo Blvd. N.E., #50
This is located at the NE corner of San Mateo and Lomas, NE.  Now home to Ace Hardware, many of us will remember that Kistler-Collister was there for many years.  The brewpub is located on the lower level, adjacent to the below-ground parking area.  I am told that it's in the space formerly occupied by Fremont's Fine Foods, and in earlier days home to several eating establishments worthy of a visit.  

This place is an "unknown quantity" that seems worth a try.  I really appreciate Mike and Ruth Wartell for brain-storming, and especially for the legwork, and Marty Farmer as well!  

Please let us know if you'll be there, or in the "sorry, not this time" column.  


11/07/18 11:28 AM #1469    

Steve Brooks

I will be there always looking for a fun time with classmates

11/07/18 07:43 PM #1470    

Helen Stambaugh (Williams)

I'll be there.  Thanks!

11/08/18 11:02 AM #1471    

Mary Ann Simanek (Villarreal)

I would love to be there however, right now I am unsure if I can make it. I will try to get there if I am able to drive by then. 

11/08/18 01:01 PM #1472    

Martha Glantz (Farmer)

I will be there.  And MaryAnn, if you can ride, I can pick you up!

11/08/18 03:11 PM #1473    

Jack Dettweiler

I have it on my calendar.

11/09/18 09:50 AM #1474    

Mary Ann Simanek (Villarreal)

Marty I would greatly appreciate the lift. I will give u a call later today. 



11/10/18 08:57 PM #1475    


Walter Huebner

I will be attending the lunch on Monday.

11/11/18 01:55 PM #1476    


Cheryl Fossum (Graham)

I will attend if I make it back to Santa Fe tonight. Sitting in Miami Airport right now and hoping flights are on time.

11/12/18 11:17 AM #1477    

Sandy Stewart (Smallwood)

I tnink I RSVP'd for the Nov. luncheon .  I will be there.

11/13/18 04:25 PM #1478    

Elaine Weinshenker (Keaton)

I will try to be ther. Nothing but a Doctor's appointment that day.

11/14/18 07:48 AM #1479    

Robyn (Jane) Cholerton

Another classmates' birthdays celebrated!  

On Monday, November 12 at 1 PM, at Quarter Celtic Brewpub, a bunch of us gathered for our monthly lunch -- Mike and Ruth Wartell, Marty Glantz Farmer, Sandy Stewart Smallwood, Mary Ann Simanek Villarreal, Helen Stambaugh Williams, Steve Brooks, Jack Dettweiler, Walt Huebner, Neal Kloepfer, Sandy  Bryan, Yvonne Maher, Tracy and Kathi Paton Murray, Hank (LCHS '63) and Anna Nusbaum, John Criswell, Connie Pecha Welty (HHS '61) and me.  

There were a few others who had planned to join us, until last-minute complications intervened.  Cheryl Fossum Graham's return from much warmer climes didn't go as quickly as hoped, and our late-fall cold snap diverted her plan to drive down from Santa Fe.  Jerry Goffe received a drop-in visit from the head-cold fairy (or its close cousin, the allergies fairy) and elected to stay at home with a box of tissues and a bowl of chicken soup.  Susie Strong Neuschwanger is now caring for her adult daughter in her ongoing illness, and was kept at her side by that need, although by the end of the day things felt as though they had improved.  

Quarter Celtic Brewpub was an experiment, and not an entirely successful one.  The suggestion was mine, although backed up by reviews from others, and scouting trips that looked promising.  Although it's impossible to please everyone equally, the food was generally well-received.  It was the service that was very uneven.  Some of us were served promptly, while others watched us eat and didn't received their meals until we had finished.  I might consider a return visit, but it would take some time, and considerable thought.  I'm really sorry that some of us just didn't have a good experience.  

Honestly and truly, suggestions are welcome, although our group does have some particular considerations that take some restuarants off the list, including some favorites of mine.  

In consultation with Rhonda Beauchamp Blech, the December birthday lunch date has been set for December 3.  Mark you calendars!  


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