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07/05/19 10:53 AM #1632    

Mary Ann Simanek (Villarreal)

That facility is just down the road from me. I’ll be visiting with her soon. Thank you Neal for the info. 

07/05/19 11:42 AM #1633    

Martha Glantz (Farmer)

I found out Janet has therapies until 3 today.  That may or may not be consistent, but I imagine work comes before pleasure there!  The attendant I spoke with said she was doing well today.  <smile>

07/05/19 01:55 PM #1634    

Sandy Stewart (Smallwood)

Went to see Janet today.  She wants to go home, but is somewhat confused.  She did recognize me.  They had her sitting in a chair awaiting a shower.  I didn't stay long.

07/05/19 04:49 PM #1635    

Martha Glantz (Farmer)

I also saw her today briefly. I was much encouraaged. She sends her hellos to the class.  She didn't sound confused this afternoon.  She even knew me!  She has had several phone chats with classmates, and we talked about a few other things. She is still that Janet!! I bet the weekends could be long though, without the therapies she's getting.   

07/07/19 04:32 PM #1636    

Mary Ann Simanek (Villarreal)

Today Sunday I spent a while with Janet. She was good but a bit sad and feeling sorry for herself. That’s to be expected due to her circumstance.  For those that have tried to call or left messages. I helped her with her phone and her voice mail box was full. She had messages back to June 2018. There were even two from Robyn that brought tears. I spoke with her neiva and she plans on relocating Janet to her area in Oregon. Don’t know the time frame but class of 63 can any of you help with packing up her house when plans are firm?  Again time frame is pending but the move will happen. Please visit or call when you can. Thanks

07/08/19 08:16 AM #1637    

Martha Glantz (Farmer)

Mary Ann, if you can, please keep us posted about Janet’s move.  I’m glad she has family who wants her nearby, but what a change for Janet!

On a much different note, we are one week away from the third Monday of July.  Our appointed luncheon date is July 15, at 1:00.  We have reservations at Dave’s Valley Grill, the birthday choice of the month.  Dave was pleased we would be returning and sent me some July menu features. Here’s one for the adventurous: Honey Sriracha Teryaki Chicken Bowl...coconut rice smothered with grilled teriyaki chicken, fresh pineapple, red and green peppers, zucchini, and red onions, topped with toasted coconut.  Their equally tasty regular menu is still available.  I will be confirming seats that Monday morning, so please reply here.  The restaurant is at 6601 4th St. NW, at the junction of Osuna and 4th.  It was chosen so the west-sliders would appreciate the shorter drive, as we would their company!  Happy Pre- and Post-Birthday to you July folk! Glad you’ve come of age!

07/08/19 03:41 PM #1638    

Helen Stambaugh (Williams)

I'll be at lunch on the 15th.

Also, let me know when Janet's house needs packing up.  I can probably help.





















































07/08/19 06:15 PM #1639    

Mary Ann Simanek (Villarreal)

Saw Janet today. Her social worker said the earliest she can go home will be the 19th pending her progress. She will need someone possibly to help her for a week or so. I’ll be out of town. 

To change subject  the 15th I won’t be able to attend  have a meeting to go to at 1130.  Should that be cancelled or end early I’ll try to attend.



07/09/19 06:14 AM #1640    


Rhonda Beauchamp (Blech)

We're traveling for the next 4-6 weeks. Have a lovely lunch.

07/09/19 02:36 PM #1641    

Sandy Stewart (Smallwood)

I will be at the July luncheon.  Also keep me posted on Janet's move.  I might be available to help pack.

07/10/19 05:07 PM #1642    

Mary Ann Simanek (Villarreal)

saw Janet today. She is along good progress with her rehab. She asks everyone to hold their calls as she has a problem working her phone and can’t retrieve any messages. She asks that you post to our highland site instead. The move is up in the air and pending her recovery she may stay here.  She would really like some visitors so if you can please stop by and say hi. 

07/10/19 06:23 PM #1643    

Steven Brooks (Brooks)

I will be there for the lunch

07/11/19 08:10 AM #1644    

Gloria Ruiz (Santana)

I won’t be able to make it this month. Have a greasy time. 

07/11/19 09:20 AM #1645    


Cheryl Fossum (Graham)

I plan to attend the upcoming luncheon.  My usual Monday conflict is taking a summer vacation.

07/11/19 10:03 AM #1646    

Jack Dettweiler

Once again I have it on my calendar.

07/11/19 10:20 AM #1647    


John Criswell

Out of town until Tues. Sorry to miss another one.

07/11/19 07:50 PM #1648    


Walter Huebner

Am planning to attend the lunch on 15 July.

07/12/19 06:18 AM #1649    


Betty Myers (Schaefer)

I will be in ABQ to attend Robyn's memorial so I will be around to go to lunch on Monday.  Bringing Susan also. 

07/12/19 11:06 AM #1650    


Gail Stark

I won't be able to attend this month's lunch.   I will miss everyone but will see you in September.  Have a wonderful time!  😉


07/12/19 01:38 PM #1651    

Jerry Goffe

It's on my calendar and too late for anything to screw it up. C U Monday.

07/12/19 10:34 PM #1652    


Neal Kloepfer

I plan on being there.


07/13/19 06:39 AM #1653    


Rhonda Beauchamp (Blech)

My thoughts are with all of you attending Robyn's memorial.

07/15/19 07:17 AM #1654    

Martha Glantz (Farmer)

Memo: lunch today at Dave's Valley Grill 1:00 (Osuna and 4th).  A few extra seats were reserved for those with sudden openings in your schedules.

07/18/19 11:25 AM #1655    

Marcia "Marcy" McVay (Cates)

I was sorry i couldn;t make it Monday. As some of you may know, my brother, Grady McVay passed away June 28, 2019. We are having a memorial service Saturday, July 20 at 4;00 at Frenchs on Wyoming.

07/18/19 09:43 PM #1656    

Martha Glantz (Farmer)

Oh, Marcy, I had not heard about Grady.  I am so sorry.  I will see you Saturday.

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