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04/26/19 07:49 AM #1578    


Gail Stark

I was looking forward to the luncheon and planning to attend. However, I have come down with a cold and do not want to share it with everyone. So I will see you next month.

04/26/19 09:09 AM #1579    


Walter Huebner

Am planning to attend the lunch on April 29th.

04/28/19 05:43 PM #1580    

Robyn (Jane) Cholerton

I hope to be there.

05/04/19 03:30 PM #1581    

Martha Glantz (Farmer)

A full table of classmates were already seated when I arrived...early by my standards, but not early enough! George and Tooey Boyden, Steve Brooks, Sandy Stewart Smallwood, Connie Pecha Welty, John Criswell, Sue Suknot (our newest lunch member), and Neal Kloepfer.  Shortly thereafter, Bonnie Krueger Kelly, Lynn Brosman Romero, Susie Strong Neuschwanger, Rhonda Beauchamp Blech, and Walter Huebner joined me at the other round table.  I mention round tables because some wanted to join the tables, some wanted the visually long single rectangle, but we all found the arrangements filled our desire for closeness, good conversation, and laughter.  And mingling was easier!  I love the friendship factor of our class!  In fact, Rhonda is going to post about a class trip many might like to consider.

We are planning our next luncheon MAY 20th, a Monday at 1:00.  Where that will be is undecided!  Now is your chance to suggest your favorite place.  We all enjoyed the marvelously varied menu at Dave’s Valley Grill, a new place for us.  We missed those regulars who had schedule interruptions, but hope many more will come this month!  

05/08/19 06:05 PM #1582    

Martha Glantz (Farmer)

A message from Robyn: I am so sorry to have missed last week’s lunch. The company is great and always so much fun! I was looking forward to trying this restaurant and have heard great reviews....oh, well.

05/11/19 10:11 AM #1583    


Rhonda Beauchamp (Blech)

Frosty and I just made reservations to board Amtrak on June 17 and return June 18. There is a 2 for 1 sale if you reserve by Monday. Hotel Castaneda will probably have 10 rooms available by then. Check out their website and then reservations can only be made by telephone. Call me if you'd like for more info. 505-410-7387

05/13/19 08:17 AM #1584    

Martha Glantz (Farmer)

Our May birthday lunch is going to be at BJ’s Restaurant & Brewhouse at Winrock, 2100 Louisiana NE.  Robyn suggested it since it has such a varied menu.  We will meet for lunch at 1:00, next Monday, May 20.  Please let us know so we can reserve space.


05/13/19 01:01 PM #1585    

Steven Brooks (Brooks)

Count me in sounds like fub

05/13/19 01:02 PM #1586    

Steven Brooks (Brooks)

Fun not fub

05/14/19 03:39 AM #1587    

Helen Stambaugh (Williams)

I'll be there.  

05/14/19 07:17 AM #1588    


Rhonda Beauchamp (Blech)

I'm planning to come

05/14/19 08:17 AM #1589    


Betty Myers (Schaefer)

I plan on driving up that day for the lunch bunch.  Haven't been able to make the last 2 lunches.  Miss seeing everyone.

05/14/19 09:11 AM #1590    

Andrew Paquet, Jr.

I plan on attending 

05/14/19 10:03 AM #1591    


Rhonda Beauchamp (Blech)

Although Frosty and I are going to the Castaneda in June, it was in order to take advantage of the 2 for 1 on the train . When we return I will know how far the renovations have progressed and update prices and train fares. I hope for a class trip in the fall.

05/14/19 06:34 PM #1592    

Susan Suknot

I will attend .May luncheon at BJ's.

05/14/19 07:57 PM #1593    


Merl Schafer

Steve, Kati and I love fub 😉. See you and the rest of the gang on Monday at BJ's. We'll be there!

05/14/19 08:47 PM #1594    


Gail Stark

I'll be there. I'm looking forward to seeing everyone.

05/15/19 07:07 AM #1595    

Sandy Stewart (Smallwood)

I will be at the May's luncheon

05/16/19 11:56 AM #1596    

Mary Ann Simanek (Villarreal)

I can’t make it on Mondays. 

05/16/19 04:13 PM #1597    

Jerry Goffe

I'll be at Mondays lunch ... hopefully with good hummingbird stories and pictures.

05/18/19 11:08 PM #1598    


Neal Kloepfer

I plan on being there.

05/19/19 09:12 AM #1599    

George Boyden

Tooey & I will be able to attend . 

Sorry for late decision .........

retirement is too busy & memory is in slow motion ...

Happy Birthday to all we have missed !



05/19/19 09:49 AM #1600    


John Criswell

I'm there.

05/20/19 03:35 PM #1601    

Martha Glantz (Farmer)

Since Robyn Cholerton has moved to a residential care facility, anyone who wants an update or wants to visit can call or text me at 505-306-7466. I will talk to her primary scheduler/friend and confirm with you. There is no phone in her room.

05/22/19 12:02 PM #1602    

Martha Glantz (Farmer)

What a robust group we were, celebrating May birthdays at BJ's Brewery! From my observations, there were no awkward pauses in the conversations and laughter! Those we don't often see were Merl and Kati Schafer (who scheduled their trip to be here with us!), Jim Bob Payne, and Don Rood!  Those now considered regulars were Andy Paquet, Neal Kloepfer, Steve Brooks, Sandy Stewart Smallwood, George and Tooey Boyden, Jerry Goffe, John Criswell, Betty Myers Schaeffer, Susan Myers Puckett, Connie Pecha Welty, Bonnie Kruger Kelly, Sue Suknot, Helen Stambaugh Williams, Susie Strong Neuschwanger, Rhonda Beauchamp Blech, Sandy Bryan (Robyn's friend and frequent attendee) and Marty Glantz Farmer.  Gail Stark, we hope there will be nothing stopping you next month!  

Almost everyone enjoyed their lunches, but we want to find a new place to party!  If you know such a place, see if they can accommodate 25 people, and let me know!  The new La Salita location is a possibility for next month. And past conversations included taking food from El Modelo to a park on one of our summer month outings.  Sounds like an intriguing change!  The June date will be Monday, the 24th. Until then, enjoy the rest of the merry, merry month of May!

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