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01/12/20 05:15 PM #1818    

Martha Glantz (Farmer)

Just a brief reminder that January birthdays will be celebrated at O'Niell's tomorrow at 1:00 only in the patio! I will reserve for a few more than expected in case time frees up for some unexpectedly.

01/30/20 03:31 AM #1819    

Martha Glantz (Farmer)

      In 11 short days we will be having our luncheon celebrating February birthdays!  Betty Myers Schaefer will be choosing her favorite place, so stay tuned.   
      January had 27 attendees!  Virginia Downing Hendley, Kathy Paton Murray and husband Tracy, and Cheryl Fossum Graham were our "newer" faces, returning after a long hiatus.  Jack Dettweiler as well as Renee Paquet have come twice in a row now so we can consider them regular attendees.  So glad to see you all again!  Robyn would be glad to know so many are coming, especially on her birthday month.  O'Niell's had good food, and we had the patio to ourselves.  It was a bright but sheltered space, lots of good conversation and laughter, and even a little sunburn for some!

01/31/20 12:41 PM #1820    

Jack Dettweiler

Hate to ruin my streak, but I probably will not be able to make it. I'm having a Pet Scan at 12:15 on the 10th and I don't know how long I will be at the UNM Cancer Center.

01/31/20 06:56 PM #1821    


Betty Myers (Schaefer)

Sorry, Jack, you will not be able to make it because we are much more fun but seriously hope your scan gives you good news and you can start your streak again in March.

01/31/20 07:22 PM #1822    


Steve Komadina

Hope all goes well Jack.  Adding years is not for the faint of heart.  Sounds like you are in good hands.  


02/03/20 04:31 PM #1823    

Martha Glantz (Farmer)

LUNCHEON:  Betty Myers Schaefer has chosen Papa Felipe's Mexican Restaurant at 9800 Menaul NE on the corner at Eubank for the February birthday celebration.  She likes that they have a senior menu, a variety of side dishes, and daily specials.  The pictures on their website will make you drool! So come hungry!  See you at  1:00 on Monday, Feb. 10.  That's in exactly one week!  RSVP here.  (I always reserve a few extra spots, hoping some will have that last minute opening.). 

02/03/20 07:54 PM #1824    


Betty Myers (Schaefer)

I am going.  laugh

02/03/20 10:30 PM #1825    

Gloria Ruiz (Santana)

I will be there for February lunch, see you all then. 

02/04/20 08:18 AM #1826    

Steven Brooks (Brooks)

Count me in i will be there

02/04/20 08:49 AM #1827    

Susan Suknot

Sorry, on Feb 10, I will be at the dentist.

02/04/20 09:34 AM #1828    

Pam Richardson (Williams)

 Pam and Ron Williams will be going to the February 10 luncheon this month 

02/04/20 09:39 AM #1829    

Sandy Stewart (Smallwood)

I will be at the February luncheon,  See you then

02/04/20 07:26 PM #1830    

Ellen Coyne (Harvey)

Thanks, Martha,

Judy and I plan to be there,


Ellen Harvey and Judy Coyne

02/05/20 08:28 AM #1831    


Steve Komadina

I will be at the lunch in spirit but taking a 2 week cruise in March and need to work hard this month.  I love Mexican (New Mexican) food and will be there in spirit!

02/05/20 09:50 AM #1832    


Neal Kloepfer

I plan on being there.

02/05/20 11:05 AM #1833    


John Criswell

Me plus 2. My sister is here from MD. Class of 1964. And Connie. Class of 1961.

02/05/20 01:00 PM #1834    

Mary Ann Simanek (Villarreal)

Sorry can't make it

02/05/20 04:33 PM #1835    

Jerry Goffe

I plan on having lunch with all you Hornets on the 10th.

02/10/20 05:39 PM #1836    

Martha Glantz (Farmer)

A heavy gray sky was enfolding the mountains on my way to lunch...early, I might add.  I wondered if our group would thin out due to the weather.  Inside, not a soul was in the waiting area. Not even a cashier. So, onward.  As I rounded the corner, I couldn't believe my eyes!  6 early birds were having appetizers!!  Pam Richardson Williams and Ron, Sandy Stewart Smallwood (the very first to arrive I hear), Betty Myers Schaefer, Susan Myers Puckett, and Steve Brooks are the official greeters from now on!  We had three new guests:  Rick Gutzman (who loves to fish and golf), Lela Criswell (John's sister) here for an extended stay, and Toddy Tackett, a mutual friend of Sandy Bryant and Robyn.  Toddy is not really a first-timer--and she brought a batch of Robyn's chili fudge, perfectly true to Robyn's recipe!! All told, there were 25, not bad for a gray day in NM.  We missed those who were elsewhere--dealing with germs, plumbers, dentists, doctors, and business.  As Betty said, we need to pray for you all. And we are. Steve and Sandy are already thinking of a place for March celebrants.  Betty got the best birthday sundae ever, which other February folk missed out on due to secrecy!  Be aware of the party perks in the future!  See you on March 9!

02/11/20 10:51 AM #1837    

Pam Richardson (Williams)


My  husband Ron and I so enjoyed being with the group for lunch yesterday and so look forward to seeing everybody again.


 I do have a request about trying to make the lunch at 11 though.  I have another commitment next month and I want to be sure and be able to be there. 


02/16/20 04:04 PM #1838    

Martha Glantz (Farmer)

Pam, I am so glad you want to come again!  It was a fun time at Papa Felipe's!  And I do wish I could accommodate you for next month.  I enjoyed chatting with you and Ron.  However, in order to accommodate most people, I have decided to keep our lunch dates to the second Mondays at one o'clock.  Sadly even I cannot always schedule my events around that time, but I'm hoping it will work more times than not.  I also know you will be traveling again soon so it could be awhile before we meet again.  But remember, you have a standing "place at the table" when life permits!   And thinking of calendar dates, don't forget the big party on Sept. 26!  Be at the Hornet Hive for 75!!  (Oh dear, that is so corny...but don't let that keep you from coming.)

02/17/20 12:50 PM #1839    

Steve Stevens

Martha:  I've heard worse -- at least it rhymes.  Actually it doesn't sound that bad.  Keep up the good work use to be neighbor!  Steve S.

02/17/20 01:55 PM #1840    

Martha Glantz (Farmer)

Hey, Steve-used -to-be-neighbor!  Thanks for your affirmation.  When will we see you face to face at lunch?  I can never get enough affirmation!  And there will be chili fudge just for you!  Come on down!

02/17/20 04:56 PM #1841    

Steve Stevens

I'm more the early lunch person; got use to it over the years from the military and police work.  I have thought of stopping by for a visit but, usually find myself busy with other stuff.  I may actually stick my head in the door at one of the lunches one of these days.  I do meet with a group of police academy graduating class for lunch on Fridays each month -- we'll be celebrating 50 years this July.

02/17/20 05:27 PM #1842    

Martha Glantz (Farmer)

50 years is an awesome record!!  I do hope you will drop by.  We do a lot of socializing before the food arrives, so come between 1:30 and 2 if that helps with the timing.  Or skip dessert earlier and order that!  It might start a new trend in appetizers---one our mothers would have frowned on!

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