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09/07/21 12:14 PM #2097    

Sandra Stewart (Smallwood)

I will be there.  I do not have a pass

09/07/21 06:39 PM #2098    

Jerry Goffe

Sandy, have no fear, you'll be my guest. Butterflies you say Marty? Yes, and the Butterfly and Pollinator pavilion is terrific. If evertone agrees, we'll start our tour there.

Here are a few of what you might see.

09/07/21 07:42 PM #2099    

Gloria Ruiz (Santana)

Martha, Joe and I will be there and we do not have any guest passes. Looking forward to seeing you all. 

09/07/21 10:21 PM #2100    


Neal Kloepfer

I plan on being there. Don't mind paying the $6.

09/08/21 03:51 PM #2101    


Betty Myers (Schaefer)

I am sorry to have to miss this lunch.  Sounds really special.  Social life is a lot of medical appointments still for John and in the wrong direction-----Las Cruces.  I am aiming for October's lunch.  Nothing on the calendar yet except the October lunch.



09/09/21 08:31 AM #2102    


Saralou Burnett (Lagier)

Betty .. sending good thoughts to you and John.


09/09/21 08:51 PM #2103    


Steve Komadina

Somehow I got deleated from the e-mails on new postings and have not seen anything since August 18th.  I talked to Merl Shafer tonight and he told me about the upcoming BioPark picnic and I so wish I could come.  Hope I start getting notices again.  Look forward to seeing everyone again soon.

09/10/21 05:31 AM #2104    

Steven Brooks

I will attend the picnic sounds like fun

09/12/21 10:43 AM #2105    

Pam Richardson (Williams)


Pam (Richardson) Williams and Ron plan to attend.


09/17/21 08:00 AM #2106    

Rhonda Beauchamp (Blech)

Just saw Mike Salazar's obituary. Very sad to see another classmate gone. He is one who was at Montezuma with us. That is such a long time ago. Let us all keep enjoying the time we're given.

09/17/21 04:52 PM #2107    

Martha Glantz (Farmer)

Ron and Pamela (Richardson) Williams, in background Joe and Gloria (Ruiz) Santana viewing the crane sculpture in the pond, Lynn Brosman Romero, Sandy Stewart Smallwood, Steve Brooks.

Bonnie Krueger Kelly, George Boyden, Tooey (Lanning) Boyden, Jerry Goffe

Hank Kelly, Phillip von Klemz

The early birds set up chairs on the pavilion near the gate to await the rest of our group. As the circle grew, we greeted Lynn Brosman Romero and Ron and Pam (Richardson) Williams whom we haven't seen in some months. 14 of us paraded to the Gardens, with Phil Klemz, our newest picnicker, towing our paraphernalia in the cart Jerry secured. (That sounds like an initiation into the group, but Phil volunteered!) We were then ushered on a round-about route to avoid the movie being filmed near my imagined destination.  It was a boon because we settled near the performance tent with lovely shade, as you can see.  

About 90 minutes later, we loaded chairs into the wagon and headed to see butterflies.  Everyone was snapping pictures as though we were professionals.  Then Jerry Goffe, the real professional, led some to the Dragonfly Pond, where a frog and bumblebees had replaced the "mosquito hawks".  On our way out, we took a short jaunt to the Rose/Wisteria see porcupines!  They were lounging in the thick vines overhead, not disturbed in the least by our exclamations! I asked Jerry how he could spot them so quickly. "Sometimes you can see the quills they drop as they crawl through the vines."  Sure enough, I spotted one on the ground.  Being an amateur tracker, I'd heard of looking for scat.  Jerry said, using his skills in alliteration, "We call it porcupine poop," as he pointed to the ground at some little round splats that hadn't been there when I picked up the quill....

The last of us drove away about 2:00. I heard exclamations, "Let's do this again!"  "I don't want to leave. It's so peaceful!" "Let's go to the zoo next month!"  And well we may--on the second Monday of October.  

09/18/21 03:54 PM #2108    


John Criswell

Nice pictures Martha. Sorry I missed it. They remind me of going to the Annual Harding County Picnic held in Albuquerque with the Harding county pioneers who moved here after WW2. My Grandparents and their contemporaries. Now we are the old folks. Sorry,..... vintage folks.

09/20/21 06:04 PM #2109    

Martha Glantz (Farmer)

John, was I ever so surprised by your post!  I was only practicing with the pictures, a rough draft so to speak. I deleted them with intentions of changing the sizes somehow.  Somehow...because I am computer challenged, they got entered.  It's a Thomas Edison learning curve for me...   (By the way, I would love to hear more about your vintage memories!)

SO, THE LUNCHEON'S EDITED VERSION WITH CAPTIONS IS BELOW JOHN'S POST, in its original position. I'm punctuating this with a picture of Helen S. Williams under her straw hat next to Neal Kloepfer.

09/21/21 08:47 PM #2110    

Jerry Goffe

More Picture. That's what Marty asked for, so if you followed us to the Butterfly & Pollinator Pavilion after lunch, you may have seen these.


and if you stopped on the Ceremonial Garden and looked up you would have seen this.

Mama Porcupine

09/21/21 10:45 PM #2111    

Martha Glantz (Farmer)

Jerry, what a treat to see these so close up! And my porcupine shot is not as clear, nor endearing. (I wonder how many times porcupine is paired with endearing...!). Thanks for sharing your many talents!

10/04/21 01:37 PM #2112    

Martha Glantz (Farmer)

 OCTOBER LUNCH: Monday, 10/11.  We will meet at the ABQ Biopark (aka Zoo) at 11:00.  Cost will be $5.50.  Bring your chair and lunch, although you can buy lunch at the cafe past the stage.  We will probably sit in the park near there, with facilities being available. Jerry is arranging to have a docent lead us on a short or long tour of the Africa exhibit which begins near our lunch site. He will have a wagon and place to store our chairs while we tour.  Come enjoy a bright NM fall day in a place brimming with art, culture, and life in so many forms!  RSVP HERE so we can arrange with the Zoo.

10/04/21 03:03 PM #2113    

Sandra Stewart (Smallwood)

I will be there.

10/04/21 03:26 PM #2114    

Steven Brooks

I will be at the lunch

10/04/21 05:54 PM #2115    

Helen Stambaugh (Williams)

I will come too.  Thank you


10/06/21 09:30 AM #2116    

Gloria Ruiz (Santana)

Joe and I will be joining all of you, looking forward to seeing everyone. 

10/06/21 06:47 PM #2117    

Jerry Goffe

I'll be at the zoo too. If anyone would like a free admission ticket, just let me know and I'll puit your name on it.. Mamma Hippo is excited for us to see her new baby. She yelled "GREAT" when I told her you all were coming down to see her ... see photo.

10/06/21 08:53 PM #2118    

Susan Thompson

Jim and I will be here there. Sounds like a great day. 

10/09/21 08:40 PM #2119    


Betty Myers (Schaefer)

Susan and I just had a garage sale today so I will be able to stay over for the Monday lunch.  I will bring John and Susan.  Yvonne Maher is going to try and make it as she would like to see as many of you as possible before she makes her big life-changing move to  North Dakota to be close to family.  I am RSVPing for her.

See ya'll then.


10/14/21 08:25 AM #2120    


Steve Komadina

I learned at Balloon Fiesta when i met Lorraine Barth's daughter that she had died late last year from non-alcohol related  liver failure.  I talked with her at the last reunion we had at the country club and she was having health issues then.  Time continues to pass.    

10/17/21 06:19 AM #2121    

Rhonda Beauchamp (Blech)

I saw that there will be a celebration of Bill Gentry's life and accomplishments Nov. 5 at noon in the Highland gym.

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