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05/05/21 09:18 AM #2006    

Cliff Blaugrund


I put this in my calendar.  see you on Jne 14th


05/05/21 10:15 AM #2007    

Helen Stambaugh (Williams)

That sounds great.  I'll be there.

05/05/21 10:56 AM #2008    

Kathi Paton (Murray)


05/05/21 10:57 AM #2009    

Kathi Paton (Murray)


05/05/21 11:12 AM #2010    

George Boyden

Great plan !

On the calendar !


05/05/21 02:06 PM #2011    


Merl Schafer

We will be in Albuquerque in June but not that week. Love the idea but can't make it. Maybe next time. M&K

05/05/21 02:29 PM #2012    

Martha Glantz (Farmer)

You all warm my heart!!  Merl, give me shout if you and Katie want to meet up.

05/05/21 04:23 PM #2013    


Merl Schafer

Will do when our plans get a little more firmed up.

05/05/21 04:57 PM #2014    


Steve Komadina

Is Hyder by Bandelier School where Jim Hampson used to live?

I will try to make it.  

05/05/21 06:35 PM #2015    

Steven Brooks

Great news I think we are ready for this. Gail and I will attend

05/05/21 07:06 PM #2016    


Neal Kloepfer

Wish I could attend but will be in Kentucky. Hyder Park is very close to Bandelier Elementary. Ya'll have a Great time.


05/05/21 08:21 PM #2017    

Susan Suknot

I will be there. Sounds like fun.

05/05/21 09:24 PM #2018    


Sally Loyd (Sabino)

Oh My goodness.  Sounds like so much fun.  So many of you able to get together finally!  If I had a jet, i'd be right there:-)

Your get-to-gethers have been so uplifting these past two years.  Yes, it has been that  long since I have been on. While a lot of you don't know me, I have gotten to know you and am so very proud to be a part of our class. The saying "Life Happens when You are making other plans" is so true.

Two years ago the end of this month and into June Life was finally beginning to calm down after loosing a dear classmate to Cancer.  Then came news of my dear Jill (Terrerington) Alfrey was dealing with cancer. We knew each other since three years of age.  I found out later in a frinzie of two weeks and my health she had died.  The last time I heard from her was that she made it to the hospital before me.  One evening I was lifelighted to Salt Lake City for surgery that  could not be performed in Boise.  I had a fishtail they called it that came out of cancer in my right kidney.  Loved and blessed by my Lord and the skillful hands of three surgeons I was saved within a quarter inch.  The fishtail had  left the kidney and went through the diaphram up to the first ventrical into the heart and hooked there.  Three weeks later after returning home from surgery and two weeks rehab I found out that Jill had died. We've all been faced with heart wrenching issues this past two years, so I will not go into it anymore.

The kidney was removed and then a tumor had matastisized  in the bone #5 in my back.  16 weeks radiation and now a year of therapy I am doing very well. At this moment I am off chemo ($1000 pill a day) and will have a full body scan on the 12th.  Since December there has been no new cancer.  I'm believing it will keep being that way. And so I now have been vaccinated, new drivers license star card and updated passport and ready for TRAVEL and Life is Wonderful!     I am off to my nunber one bucket list trip on June 7th to Mackinac Island, MI.  I had been there in 2015 and knew I would be back.  I had begun plans when my life had a pivot.  I'm back on track now and very excited to return where my spirit and soul were at peace while there.

Thank you for the birthday wishes last month.  They meant a lot to me.  Please forgive me for being so long in this message and in saying hello sooner.I look forward to hearing all about the lunch and what you are all doing. 

The butterfly brings Hope and Happiness to us.  I wish these for you and warm sunshine.  Sally :-)


05/05/21 10:26 PM #2019    


Betty Myers (Schaefer)

Wow, what a terrible time you have had Sally.  Glad to hear you are on the back end side of it and up to working on your wish list of life pleasant journeys again.  Enjoy, you deserve it, and yes, I have missed your happy optimistic posts.  

05/06/21 11:49 AM #2020    

Gwen Sawyer

Hyder Park on June 14th.  Looking forward to seeing classmates--it's been a long time.

05/06/21 06:05 PM #2021    


Betty Myers (Schaefer)

I am like that other Schaefer person (who forgets to put an e in his Schaefer name) I need to firm up my plans in June.  My husband is starting radiation therapy soon but it is not scheduled yet.  Would depend on how he is doing with it.  I will let you know, I hope, sooner than later.     

05/06/21 08:05 PM #2022    


Merl Schafer

So what,you bought a vowel. Can you solve the puzzle?

05/07/21 09:36 AM #2023    

Susan Thompson

I'm so glad classmates are getting together on June 14. I plan to be there. 

05/07/21 12:50 PM #2024    


Walter Huebner

Thanks, Marty, for setting this up.  It's on my calendar!

05/09/21 08:38 PM #2025    


Betty Myers (Schaefer)

Merl, the more vowels the better the chances.  

05/10/21 07:12 AM #2026    


Merl Schafer

Betty, here are the vowels, solve the puzzle.

M - / - a m e / i - / - - - a - e -

Anyone else want to try?

05/10/21 04:40 PM #2027    


Betty Myers (Schaefer)

Merl,  Need to be able to guess consonants.  Is there an L?

05/10/21 08:58 PM #2028    


Merl Schafer

No, but I'll give you a M. Oh look, there are two! Try again?

Anyone else want to guess?

05/11/21 07:40 AM #2029    


Betty Myers (Schaefer)

Merl,  I think I got it Scha-fer.   Anyway, no matter how you spell it Schaefer or Schafer are good folks in my book.   :)   I should have gotten a picture of you pretending to steal the e off of our Schaefer sign.   

05/11/21 11:36 AM #2030    


Merl Schafer

See, I knew you know how to spell Schafer!

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