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Woody Tucker

     I am saddened to inform you that our classmate, Woody Tucker, passed away yesterday, December 15. Woody was being treated for esophageal cancer and it seemed he had won the battle. His funeral will be handled by another classmate, Carol Arvas. Woody had many friends in the Elephant Butte area: Barbara Dial, Peter Urban, and Eunice Jaramillo were just a few.

Keep Him in your Prayers and Thoughts,








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12/16/14 07:45 PM #1    

Robert Utter

So sorry to hear this.  Woody and I were cub scouts together rode our 20" bikestogether good guy

He will bemissed


12/17/14 12:11 PM #2    

Kenneth (Ken) Lathrop

I was so sorry to hear about Woody's passing.  He was my "across the back wall" neighbor from 2nd through 12th grades.  We road bikes together, worked on motorcycles together, played some making a hot rod out of his model T, never got too far with that.  Also we were in Cub Scouts together.

I tried to call him after the reunion, but was unsuccessful. I shouldn't give up so easily on things like that.  Goodby Friend and Neighbor.  




12/31/14 03:38 PM #3    

Mike Ryan

          Note to the Class of '63

Being a friend of Woody for the past 50 years, I often heard stories of his Highland High friends. Woody had a good memory and spoke fondly of you all. His hobby of building hotrods, nitro dragsters and vintage motorcycles, amazed us all. A detailed craftsman. It must have started at Whittier, with the 20" bike Robert Utter spoke of. Then began evolving at Wilson & Highland with Kenny Lathrop, Frankie Westerman, and all the other guys he ran with.

I would like to thank all the guys and all the gals he went to school with, for helping shape the character of a really cool guy. A man who was a lifetime friend of so many of us. I was blessed to be one of them. Thanks so much.

Mike Ryan class of '66




12/31/14 04:10 PM #4    

Betty Myers (Schaefer)

Thank you, Mike Ryan, for adding your memories about our classmate, Woody.  Even his name reflects the unique person he was.  

01/01/15 11:16 AM #5    

Barbara Dial (Kapela)

Woody Tucker passed away on December 15, 2014 after a brave battle with cancer.

Woody was our classmate at Highland High School ( 1963).  All of his classmates at Highland, and friends at Elephant Butte, and elsewhere, will miss him.

Our son Jeff Kapela, who also lives at Elephant Butte Lake, became close friends with Woody.  When Hurricane Katrina did her damage, Woody came out of retirement, and went back to driving a truck as part of the clean-up effort.  After that, he built a beautiful 1933 Ford coupe, he named "Katrina".

Woody gave "Katrina" to Jeff, in his will.

Woody's memory will remain alive in this beautiful car.

Rest in peace, Woody.

01/03/15 11:55 AM #6    

Vicky Jacobson

I hadn't seen Woody since graduation, but he sat behind me in an English class, as I remember, and was really a fun guy! Sorry to learn that he's gone.


Vicky Jacobson

01/03/15 12:32 PM #7    

Sally Loyd (Sabino)

Woody was in one of my classes, however, never knew him very well except in class.  Wish I had.  He certainly left some wonderful memories for many of you.  He made a difference in many lives, especially yours. That is what our lives are all about.  Making a beautiful difference.  Sally Caye

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