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05/11/20 07:38 PM #1931    


Karen White

Thank you, Steve, for making our ZOOM a success and thanks to fellow classmates who were able to join.  First time ever that I didn't hear Neal add his two cents.

05/11/20 07:52 PM #1932    


Neal Kloepfer


Well Karen,

I could hear and see everybody but I guess I will have to get a microphone so I can give my 2 cents.

I really appreciate that Steve arranged this Zoom experience for us.

It was so good to see my classmates that I have not seen or heard from in so long. Let's all stay safe and healthy.



05/11/20 08:00 PM #1933    


Sally Loyd (Sabino)

Thank You Steve for hosting the Zoom idea tonight.

Sorry I  didn't have more to contribute.  Comes from not going to  Highland all three years and knowing everyone a  little better.

I was happy I was able to get on though.  After 16 radiation treatments is was good to hear and see people laughing.  We all will make it through.

enJOY this day that has been give to us.


05/12/20 11:44 AM #1934    


Steve Komadina

I got this from one of our class mates who is really having challenges with his memory and a degenerative brain disease.  Jeff is currently living in Maine with his wife, who is being a wonderful caregiver.  

I am pasting several E-mails I have gotten from him or his wife.


May 2nd

"Hi, Steve--

Jeff showed me your messages. Happy 75th birthday! and thanks for the invitation for the ZOOM call for Jeff. He is intrigued by the idea, though not sure he can participate. Unfortunately, the first and still dominant marks of his aphasia are an inability to recognize names and faces (if I recall, you are/were a doctor: what Jeff has been diagnosed with Primary Progressive Aphasia, semantic variant).  I'd like to help him connect, though it probably would be without camera or mic, so please do send the link to join the call, and we'll hope for the best.

All best wishes,


May 2nd

"Dear Steve, it is fun for me to read messages of yours in the Highland High School email.

Well, I must tell you that I lived in New Hampshire for 22 years and now 22 years in Maine.  I retired from the UNH having led classes on European and German history, having retired 5 years ago, but now I really have a problem.  My brain suffers from dementia, which makes it really hard to recognize friends or remember names.  This makes it impossible for me to create new books, but also really hard to travel to Albuquerque ever again, even just to see people from that high school when we graduated in 1963.

And if for any reason you talk to old people, and if they ask you about me, you can tell them what I have just told you.

Best wishes, Jeff Diefendorf

May 12th

"Well, good luck to you, since my wife and I could not participate last night, 5/11. Tell everyone Hi.

Best wishes from,

Jeff Diefendorf"

05/12/20 01:31 PM #1935    


Sally Loyd (Sabino)

thank you for sharing Jeff's messages. I didn't lnow Jeff however Jill Tetterington Alfrey spike very highly of him. 
I will keep him in my prayers along with your generosity to find ways for us to connect. 
Stay healthy and happy. Sally


05/14/20 10:49 AM #1936    


Bob O'Bryan

I am so sorry I missed the Zoom party.  I was on a Zoom birthday party for one of my best track buddies from the UofTexas.  It was a blast so I know you all had a great time!  I hope to be a the next one you all have.



05/18/20 02:20 PM #1937    


Steve Komadina

Sad news this morning.  I talked to Nancy Harrison 2 days before our ZOOM call and coached her how to get on and then noticed she did not make it on the call.  Yesterday was her birthday so I sent her an E-mail and just got this back from her husband.

"Our beloved Nancy passed away at Univ Texas Hospital Tyler the morning of May 18 at 6:00 AM.  She was attended by Tom ( her Husband ) and Harrison( the youngest son).

We know that you will pray for her and her family but rest assured that she now rests in the arms of the Lord Jesus Christ.  No more cares , worries or pain. Rejoice for he has risen and we are saved.

A memorial service for Nancy will be held at the Eubank Funeral Home, 27532 Hwy. 64 , at 11:00AM Saturday. Although masks are optional, we encourage those in attendance to help create as safe an environment as possible for those who are the most vulnerable and know Nancy would understand if you do not feel comfortable being in attendance for health reasons during these times.

God Bless!

The Hrobar Family

Tom, Harrison, and Randy Wiggins"

05/18/20 06:16 PM #1938    


Steve Komadina

Here is a picture sent to me by Sherry Miller on the left with Nancy Harrison with back to the camera and Pam Burrell in our class 4th from the right of Sherry.  This was a kidnap breakfast our senior year.  Sherry and her husband are doing well hunkered down in Salt Lake City, Utah and say hi to all.  

05/20/20 07:44 AM #1939    


Steve Komadina

Randy Wiggins, the son of Bruce Wiggins and Nancy Harrison, posted this picture in memory of his mom. I think she would have wanted us to remember her this way.  Life is fragile and we need to live each day to its fullest.  

05/22/20 09:30 AM #1940    


Steve Komadina



Image may contain: one or more people

06/04/20 06:12 PM #1941    


Steve Komadina

Monday the 8th of June would have been a class lunch.  Marty Glantz Farmer and I decided we would do another ZOOM class meeting instead at 6 pm MDT on Monday.  She will e-mail the link to get on the conference.  I will make sure it gets posted here as well.  

This call will have a theme.  Each person on the call can, if they want, answer this question: 

  • If you could, what childhood activity would you like to do again?

We will start doing some regular ZOOM meetings and will try having a theme so we just don't look at each other again.  Suggested topics are welcomed.  

06/06/20 12:29 PM #1942    

Martha Glantz (Farmer)

ZOOM CLASS MEETING:  We have a list of 50 email addresses.  All of those will get a Zoom invitation from me in their email.  I will send it tomorrow and re-send it on Monday.  If you want to receive an email, the easiest private way to reach me is 1) to double click on my name in the upper left hand corner of this message.  That will take you to my profile page.  2) Click on PRIVATE MESSAGE.  A screen will appear.  Put your email address there and 3) submit it at the bottom of the screen.  I will let you know I added you.. 

Of course, if you want the whole class to know, wink just respond on this Message Forum.  I will confirm that your are on the list.

06/08/20 08:54 AM #1943    

Anita Mager (Miller)

 Hi Martha, please add me to the list for zoom meeting. It sounds like fun! Thank you, Anita



06/08/20 09:44 AM #1944    

Adele Parker (Verkamp)

Hi Martha,

Please add me to the Zoom list...Thank You

Adele Parker Verkamp

"See" everyone soon!

06/08/20 05:30 PM #1945    


Betty Myers (Schaefer)

Could you or Steve put the link on here for tonight? I can't get my tablet to open Marty's email so I can send her mine so I can join into the meeting.

06/08/20 11:30 PM #1946    

Martha Glantz (Farmer)

Since we haven't had a lunch report for awhile, I thought perhaps an update on our Zoom meeting would be of interest.  This month we had 20 folks sharing both common and unique memories of childhood activities we'd like to relive. Attending were Arizonans Doug Turnage, Karen White, Judy Jones Newton, Merl and Kati Schafer; Californians Janice Percival Zimmerman, Tina Russell Lapides, our spokesman from Mexico Ken Lathrop; Datil's finest Betty Myers Schaefer, East Coast Penny Katson Pickett, and Albuquerqueans Steve Komadina, Jerry Goffe, Mike Salazar, Helen Stambaugh Williams, Dana Finley, Steve Brooks, Neal Kloepfer, Sandy Stewart Smallwood, Richard Tang, George Boyden, and Marty Glantz Farmer.  Memories of and baseball of the "Famous Fifties teams", playing kick the can etc in the neighborhood at night, shooting guns with family, watching plays, playing jacks, entering a new culture, skiiing, traveling, cannon ball bombing teams at swimming pools....all brought nods, smiles, or some surprise. Thanks, Steve, for moderating so all could contribute.  It was a rare evening of appreciation and community.

06/09/20 07:13 PM #1947    

Steven Brooks

Great job on the zoom night. The topic we talked about was good.If we can get more people to talk and give some insight on there lives so pick good topic each month is great. Good job Marti in putting this together. Im looming forward to next month Zoom. Great idea by you Steve help unite our highland class of 1963

06/11/20 07:22 AM #1948    

Jay Ortiz


Thanks, first, to Jim Parmelee for posting Irene Wang's obituary on the site. Irene was one of the most overlooked - and perhaps underappreaciated - members of our class, maybe largely because she died so soon after we all went on with our lives after we left Highland. But, I do remember her, and am glad that at long last she has a permanent place in our respective memories. 

Secondly, thank you, Steve, for keeping us updated about Jeff Diefendorf. Jeff and I competed, fiercely, in all the classes we shared together, and I have always valued not only his friendship, but the challenges he posed to me - challenges that have served me well for the remainder of my life. He, his wife and I sat together at the Saturday dinner during our 50th reunion, and I was grateful for the opportunity to tell him - after so many years - how much difference he had made in my life.

Finally, although I may not be able to join the ZOOM meetings very often, I'd like to do so whenever I can - and would be happy to receive any offline emails from any of my old friends. 

My email address is, and - as I said - I'd welcome hearing from any of you.


06/16/20 04:36 PM #1949    

Jack Dettweiler

75th Birthday Party

I checked with the Country Club yesterday, and we still have an evening reserved in September

for our Party. However, unless the Governor lifts her restrictions, we are not allowed to have such

a gathering. So, we either need to impeach the Governor or start thinking about a Plan B. If she 

doesn't lift the restrictions, I don't know where we can celebrate. 


06/28/20 04:02 PM #1950    


Larry Wyatt

The obituary for Coach Bill Gentry was posted in the Albuquerque Journal today.

I was proud to be a member of the '63 State Championship team and Coach was also my P.E. teacher at Zia in the mid '50's.

So Long Coach

06/30/20 02:46 PM #1951    

Gloria Ruiz (Santana)

Thanks to all of you that sent birthday wishes, I appreciate you. Can't believe how the years go by, stage safe and healthy. Hopefully someday we will be able to start,our lunches again 

07/01/20 10:58 AM #1952    

Tina Russell (Lapides)

Happy late Birthday, Gloria! I still see your shining smile in my mind! I hope to see you in person eventually at a reunion! Warmest wishes, Tina Russell Lapides 


07/14/20 08:31 AM #1953    


Steve Komadina

Shocked at the death of Jack Freedman.  He was always so healthy and physically fit.  I hope he did not suffer and quietly passed fromhis heart attack.  Once again we are reminded of how fragile life is and need to live each day to It's fullest.  I hope all are doing well today.  

07/14/20 01:54 PM #1954    


Merl Schafer

Sometimes (like now) it's a little hard to live life to its fullest. Just saying.

07/18/20 08:25 AM #1955    


Steve Komadina

Another shock at the death of Nancy Bridges. Wonderful obituary of what sounded like a wonderful life. We had great times working in Thespians and on school plays. She and Sharon has be asked to leave the the old Catholic girls school on Lomas down town and the brought a new rebellious spirit to the class. Nancy was fearless. So many fun memories. Taos will not be the same without her energy it sound like. Rest In Peace my friend!

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