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12/14/20 04:47 PM #1976    

Kathi Paton (Murray)

HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO EVERYONE!   I am looking forward to 2021 and hopefully to our next "birthday"  Stay safe.

01/09/21 09:41 AM #1977    


Steve Komadina

I have really missed the posts on our website.  I am praying every one is well and that we have not lost any classmates to COVID.  Be safe and happy New Year to all.  

01/09/21 06:23 PM #1978    


Betty Myers (Schaefer)

I had been thinking about sending a similar message, Steve.  Missing hearing from our classmates on here and have been worrying about everyone staying safe and healthy.  Maybe we can have another zoom class meeting again for the new year?

01/10/21 10:36 AM #1979    

Kathi Paton (Murray)

Tracy and I are doing fine.  Tracy does the grocery shopping since I have a compromised immune system.  I am in touch with Virginia Dowing Hendly, and she is doing fine also. We are spending a lot of time looking in the refrigerator and our desire for chocolate is skyhigh!

01/10/21 12:25 PM #1980    

George Boyden


wOver the holidays a couple of my non-classmate friends have passed from cancers & one from COVID unfortunately.....

We really miss the lunches and hope to get together soon --

Seems all we can do to stay active is get outdoors with our masks, distance, and limited family / friends....We feel compromised to walk into the bank with a mask on ! ! ! ?

Note: only allowed 1 person on ski lift except family !

The "zooms" are a  plus, but not the same : ok for book clubs !

Wish everyone luck & the best, Tooey & George

01/10/21 01:20 PM #1981    

Steve Stevens

Everything is good in my nexk of the woods.  No health problems at this time (other than what goes with being not so young anymore).  Limited to travel so, remodeled the enclosed back porch and getting ready to attack the bathroom.  Our nurse daughter (RN @ Pres. Hosp.) just got vaccinated friday -- she's hanging in there with her job.  Hoping all others are doing well and finding something to stay busy with.

01/10/21 07:07 PM #1982    


Walter Huebner

The big news on this end is I got my first Covid vaccine shot yesterday.  Now that we are all in the 75+ group, we qualify through the NM Department of Health.  Register if you haven't, and want the shot.

01/12/21 06:39 PM #1983    


Karen White

Got my first vaccine this morning at the Cardinal Stadium.  Not as much fun as a football game but a welcomed experience.  Feeling fine.

01/24/21 10:34 PM #1984    

Donald Cooper

Not all stories have to end badly. Please do not ignore symptoms during the pandemic and avoid medical care. I had blood in my urine.  A CT scan and then a biopsy showed a high grade tumor in my kidney. I was very fortunate that my doctor recognized the urgency and immediately scheduled surgery. It took seven hours to remove the kidney and affected structures. The biopsy afterwards showed that all surrounding areas were clear of the cancer. The doctor referred to it as a surgical cure of the cancer but will closely monitor me in the future.


It was truly a miracle that the doctor’s prompt care during a pandemic saved my life. None of us know how long we will live but I am now blessed to have bonus time and a renewed outlook on life. I am wishing all continued good health.

01/25/21 01:39 PM #1985    

Barbara Ayers (Tatum)

Donald, glad this ended well for you. We like success stories.  Stay healthy.

Barbara Ayers Tatum

01/26/21 09:38 AM #1986    

Kathi Paton (Murray)


I am so happy your tumor was caught and dealt with quickly.  My nephew lost a kidney when he was about six years old.  He is now in his sixties.  He smokes and drinks too much but otherwise is fine.

Good luck,

Kathi Paton Murray

02/25/21 08:29 AM #1987    


Betty Myers (Schaefer)

I just saw this Donald and so glad you didn't put off seeing the Dr.  Hope your recovery is swift and you are doing well now.  

03/08/21 12:12 PM #1988    


Betty Myers (Schaefer)

I didn't get my usual HHS class of 63 emails this morning announcing whose birthday is today.  I tried to sign in and I got an OOPS we are having problems try back later message.  So I am here now to let you know that Jill Hutchison and Steve Brooks are having their birthdays today. 

Happy Birthday to both of you and here's to joy and health for you both,  

PS Steve, maybe this year is your year to learn to love and enjoy green chile.  cheeky

03/19/21 12:09 PM #1989    

Martha Glantz (Farmer)

Donald, I was blown away by your last post.  I'm not often speechless.  Your care for those you haven't seen regularly is a great kindness.  I hope this last month has brought great healing to add to your thankfulness!  When we have a class lunch again, I hope you can join us.

03/21/21 02:39 PM #1990    

George Boyden



who belives retirement is being able to kick back , have a normal birthday, blow out so many candles ( with a stand-by fire extinguisher), enjoy an adult beverage, Etc ???

Sorry , I find myself wound up with projects and have not stayed in touch with all our classmates and I am glad so many are doing well, beating the odds, enjoying offspring, and having birthdays .....

HHS '63 is still the best class & I appreciate being a part of all or your lives ....

Ups & Downs, we are thankful for every day

Best wishes and prayers to all getting through our futures !

" may the corners of your mouth turn up -- just like the ends of turns in the snow when snow skiing ..."

Time to limit straight down the mountain  ? AGE ?

George & Tooey

03/21/21 03:52 PM #1991    


Betty Myers (Schaefer)

George, that made me smiley.  Glad you are enjoying your retirement and hope Tooey is keeping you busy with some of those projects.  Maybe we will be able to have lunches again soon and we all can catch up with each other.  I have both of my vaccines and ready to go.  Best to both of you. 

03/22/21 10:21 AM #1992    

Donald Cooper

Thank you Martha, Betty, Kathi, Barbara, Chuck, and Highland classmates for your kind comments.  Martha your comment about being “speechless” brought a huge smile to my face.  I did go through a unique life changing experience that definitely emphasized the importance at our age, even with the pandemic, of not allowing time to pass without seeking medical help. It is also so important to get vaccinated and wear those masks for the protection of others.


I am happy to report that I have completely recovered and have resumed all my normal retirement activities including visits with my sons and grandchildren, fishing, daily walks through our neighborhood with my wife, yard work (not my favorite thing) and hosting my radio show.


My hat is off to physicians Steve, Jim, and others from our class that are health care workers, first responders, teachers, and all those that have helped others both during the pandemic and everyday often while risking their own lives. This incidence brought to me great appreciation for the important work they do in saving lives through their expertise. I especially recognize the fact that acquiring this knowledge was greatly helped by the excellent background provided by our Highland education. 


I love hearing about the lunches. It is a great thing you are doing. I will keep in mind the possibility of attending one in the  future but I no longer have family living in Albuquerque and it may not happen. In any event I cherish memories of my life in Albuquerque and I am grateful for Neal’s site that allows us to stay connected.


03/27/21 09:27 PM #1993    

Bill Basile

I know that this list-serv is focused on the Highland High School class of 1963. However, because of what I am about to post is important to all Highland High School graduates I hope no one will take offense. The unfortunate events that occurred at the King Soopers Store in Boulder, Colorado led to the death of police officer Eric Talley. Eric was a graduate of Highland High School in 1988. I just wanted to post this for all Highland High School graduates to see...

bill basile

03/27/21 10:37 PM #1994    


Neal Kloepfer

Hi Bill,

I would like to thank you for posting the information about Eric. It is good to know that a fellow Hornet was instrumental in protecing lives of others. May he "Rest in Peace."


03/29/21 09:28 AM #1995    

Kenneth Bledsoe





03/31/21 11:14 PM #1996    

Sherry Miller (McMullin)

We are nervously amused, having read my husband's invitation to his 60th high school reunion, which says,

"Mark your calendars, NOTIFY YOUR CAREGIVERS,  and plan to join us."    At this point, we don't need

caregivers and are very grateful for that.    I hope that if you get to gather in September, none of you has to be wheeled in on a gurney by your personal assistant.

All well here in Utah.

Sherry Miller McMullin

04/12/21 07:30 AM #1997    


Steve Komadina

I have not had time to read posts for a month or 2 and caught up today as I saw a birthday to respond to.  Where does time go?  Almost half way through April!.  Last year seems like a blur.  Hope all are well and glad Don is doing well post op.  The Utah connection seems well also.  Ran away from home and the business of mny practice for a quick trip to see grandkids in California and Phoenix and feel renewed again.  We have lived in a wonderful time and everyday is an adventure.  Could not seem to get rid of one grandson who wanted to tag along but succeeded to shake him.  Have a great Spring wherever you are!

04/12/21 01:31 PM #1998    


Merl Schafer

Question Steve: Is the horn on that beautiful bike as loud as that shirt? ;>)

04/12/21 02:16 PM #1999    


Steve Komadina

I realize there is an open season on motorcycles in Arizona so I try to be as visible as possible.  I almost visited you but it was the week with crazy weather around the 22nd of March and I stayed south in the desert for 3,500 miles.  

04/12/21 07:04 PM #2000    


Merl Schafer

Sorry we missed you, maybe next time we can meet for a ride up to Prescott on the back road through Wickenburg, Congress and Yarnell and have lunch. Great ride, hour and a half. Absolutely agree about being seen..
PS Good looking boy!

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