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05/10/21 07:12 AM #2026    


Merl Schafer

Betty, here are the vowels, solve the puzzle.

M - / - a m e / i - / - - - a - e -

Anyone else want to try?

05/10/21 04:40 PM #2027    


Betty Myers (Schaefer)

Merl,  Need to be able to guess consonants.  Is there an L?

05/10/21 08:58 PM #2028    


Merl Schafer

No, but I'll give you a M. Oh look, there are two! Try again?

Anyone else want to guess?

05/11/21 07:40 AM #2029    


Betty Myers (Schaefer)

Merl,  I think I got it Scha-fer.   Anyway, no matter how you spell it Schaefer or Schafer are good folks in my book.   :)   I should have gotten a picture of you pretending to steal the e off of our Schaefer sign.   

05/11/21 11:36 AM #2030    


Merl Schafer

See, I knew you know how to spell Schafer!

05/15/21 10:11 AM #2031    


Cheryl Fossum (Graham)

It is with a heavy heart that I report the death of Rod Krebs in February of this year. His wife was my roommate at UNM and we spent many hours enjoying our college time together. Rod went to Medical School at Tulane and we both eventually ended up working in the pharmaceutical industry.  You can imagine our surprise when we ended up at the same clinical research meeting.  It is a small world, and our class always seems to be at the hub.

05/16/21 10:56 AM #2032    


Walter Huebner

Cheryl.  Thanks for posting about Rod Krebs passing.  Very hard to take.  Rod and I worked together at Piggly Wiggly for several years in our teens.  Great guy!  Do you have any more information about the circumstances or liink to an obituary?  Thanks.

05/21/21 12:28 PM #2033    

Craig Meyers

Reyna and I are looking forward to attending the picnic on the 14th at Hyder.  We will be in Albuquerque making a "chile run".

06/05/21 07:38 AM #2034    


Betty Myers (Schaefer)

Keep Merl and Kati Schafer in your prayers as they are both fighting Covid-19.  Merl was in the hospital and has a worse case but Kati says after two weeks he and she seem to be on the mend.  He says he is now in the recovery process and he wants everyone to know he will be back with those birthday wishes as soon as possible.  Best wishes to both and prayers for a speedy and complete recovery.  


I had to edit because I automatically spelled Schafer like my name Schaefer. lol 

06/05/21 07:54 AM #2035    


Steve Komadina

Sorry to hear about Rod.  He had been fighting health challenges for several years.  Must live every day to its fullest.  No guarantees at our age.

06/05/21 06:08 PM #2036    


James (Jim) Nohl

So sorry to hear about Merl and Kati getting Covid-19. I will keep them m in my prayers also. Ask for a monoclonal antibody infusion if you haven't already receved it. Hope you guys have a speedy recovery.

06/13/21 10:10 PM #2037    

Martha Glantz (Farmer)

Tomorrow is the first meeting of the HHS Lunch Bunch in about 15 months!  And I picked a predicted scorcher!  Perhaps a wet t-shirt would be appropriate....or not.  Let's be creative. Maybe we can have a contest for the most resourceful cool pack!  Bring your lunch and a chair as well.  1:00, Hyder Park.  RSVP is NOT necessary. Surprise us!

06/13/21 10:14 PM #2038    

George Boyden

Neal,    Start time ?  Will be great see all classmates available ! !   Vaccines & masks wouldn't be a bad idea & I bet there will be lots of smiles (with or without).    Does city have glass or alcohol issues ?  See you tomorrow !

George & Tooey 



06/14/21 06:13 AM #2039    


Betty Myers (Schaefer)

I will not be able to make it to the picnic I am sorry to say because my husband, John, has his last 3 radiation treatments this week in Las Cruces.  Hope that will be it and he can start to recover from it all.  

Have a good time and I will be there in spirit.  Maybe next lunch at one of the breweries that has a big outdoor seating area with trees?  

Merl is slowly recovering but is still on oxygen.  Kati says the brain fog is the worst for both of them.  Keep them in your prayers.  Betty

06/14/21 10:24 AM #2040    

Susan Suknot

Sorry, but it is too hot for me for outdoor lunch. maybe next time.

06/14/21 05:37 PM #2041    

Helen Stambaugh (Williams)

Thank you, Marty for putting this together.  Even in the awful heat, it was great to see everyone.  Hyder Park

was nice & shady, so the hardest part was the drive to and from there---HOT!!!  Take care and be well all.

06/14/21 07:15 PM #2042    


Steve Komadina

It was great!!!!!!  The only frustratng thing was not getting a chance to talk to everyone and catch up.  I got stuck solving the world's problems with Mike Wartell, with inpiut from Neal Kloepfer, Cliff Blaugrund, Steve Brooks, Helen Stambaugh and George Boyden who was fashonably late.  

What a great group and there were no fights, guns fired or cars vandalized!  

Lets do it again soon.  It was very pleasant and heat was not a problem at all.  

Prayers for all our classmates and their spouses and families undergoing medical challenges.  

06/15/21 05:14 PM #2043    

Pam Richardson (Williams)

Ron and I had I had a great time at the picnic at Hyderabad Park yesterday. I posted several photos on Facebook. A big thank you to Marty and we look forward to "whatever" is planned next by Marty. 




06/23/21 06:21 PM #2044    

Martha Glantz (Farmer)

I am so glad to have such positive reports!  It's been a long time since I've picnicked! I will report later and reveal our next destination for the second Monday of July.  

07/05/21 12:01 PM #2045    

Martha Glantz (Farmer)

HHS LUNCH MONDAY, JULY 12.   As promised, here is our next lunch site---Bataan Park, just west of Carlisle on Lomas.  (Some Jefferson folk will remember it being by Big Bear Grocery store and Russell's Bakery.)  This picture was taken at 11AM when the temp was 76°!  Gorgeous!

We will have a slight change up on time this month---11:00!  Yes, thanks to my heat avoidance tendencies, and hopes to attract the early eaters, bring food, drink, and a chair....AT 11AM. There are a few tables, but they seldom remain in the shade. Tracy and Kathy Paton Murray, with Virginia Downing Hendley and Don Rood, used their cooler for fine dining at Hyder Park.

Let us know if you will be there. It's fun to anticipate that, but surprise appearances add to the festivities!  We had about 5 of those last month!  By the way, this park has a nice walking path for those counting steps and ramp access as well.  

07/05/21 05:27 PM #2046    

Helen Stambaugh (Williams)

It's on my calendar.  11am sounds good.  thank you

07/06/21 10:50 AM #2047    

Sandra Stewart (Smallwood)

I'll be there, 11am

07/06/21 11:39 AM #2048    

Pam Richardson (Williams)



Ron and I will be out of town and sooooo sorry to miss it. Pamela (Richardson) Williams


07/07/21 09:21 AM #2049    

Steven Brooks

Hey Marti Gail and i will not be able to attend. We will be in Las Vegas and u will be catch me at my favorote blackjack table haha. Hope u all have a great time. See yiu next month

07/07/21 11:23 AM #2050    

Jerry Goffe

I won't be running but I'll be their at 11:00. Thanks Marti!

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